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And the winners are…..

Thank you, thank you, thank you guys for all your time and effort to make and donate chemo caps, to give a little comfort to people you don’t even know and for your patience and participation with me in this contest over the past 2 months!  Keeping track of everyone became rather difficult after a while and I wanted to make sure I had everyone accounted for.  I had Princess Peanut randomly draw out numbers (each hat that was knitted and donated rec’d a number, I kept track of which numbers belonged to which knitters)–unfortunately she wouldn’t stand still for me to take a picture of her while doing it…  So without further ado, the following prizes have been awarded:

Project bag from donated by Eric for the Sweaters for Dragons podcast–Marsha in MI (hobobird) .  Marsha donated a whopping 36 chemo caps to the Oakland Children’s Hospital in CA–way to go!

A gorgeous skein of handspun donated by Dez Crawford goes to Patsyarnbasket–who donated 18 caps–you go girl!

A skein of Wooly Boully yarn donated by goes to Yvette.  Yvette donated a total of 26 chemo caps–super knitter!!

A prize of Costa Rican coffee directly from Costa Rica donated by Booglass on Ravelry goes to sewroute of Nova Scotia.  She donated 24 caps–amazing!

A prize package donated by my friends at was awarded to knitbysue.  Sue donated 5 caps to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN–excellent! 

A package of Mary Kay products donated by yours truly went to poohknits.  Poohknits donated 4 caps–way to go!

A gorgeous set of stirling silver and swarovski stitch markers donated by goes to Loudgrrl4ever who donated 4 caps to Tampa General.

Congratulations to all the winners!  I will be contacting you individually to get your address–some packages will be mailed out by me, some by the prize donors, so please be patient as we arrange to get your prizes out to you.  A total of 137 caps were made and donated during this contest.  Caps were donated to such places as:  Stanford, CT, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, Oakland Children’s Hospital in CA, Jacksonville, FL, Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Tampa General Hospital, and Duke University Medical Center.  You should be proud of yourselves and please keep up your KNITTING FOR GOOD!

As a quick update on my life….my sister’s wedding was last Saturday and we could not have asked for better weather.  Princess Peanut carried her flower basket down the aisle and managed to drop a couple of rose petals on the way–she looked so precious.  She was sitting there like the princess she is having her hair done that morning, she let me demanded I put nailpolish on her fingers and toes like mine, she even told her father to to put her dress on over her head so as not to mess up her hair.  As I was holding her hand while she got her hair done I started tearing up.  My mind fast-forwarded 25 or so years from now, imagining watching her get ready for her wedding.  But anyway, it was a fun, tiring day.  Princess Peanut did not nap until she got her cake and ice cream, after which she promptly crawled into my lap and passed out–covered in chocolate, of course.  To me, this is what it is all about, getting married and having kids, it’s the best life has to offer!

My aunt has rallied from her chemo treatments and the surgeon performed her reconstructive surgery on her leg last Friday.  It was an 11 hour surgery and she is still in intensive care.  She’ll be in the hospital for close to 2 weeks and then a rehab hospital for at least a month.  Something tells me her chemo treatments were a walk in the park compared to this surgery.  We’re hoping for a quick and complete recovery and we will all go to visit her when she is able to have visitors.  Thanks for keeping her in your prayers.

 As this post has taken me more than 4 tries to get up, I will be dormant for a while as I switch to my new computer.  I will have access to my gmail acct, though, so feel free to drop me a line that way as I change over all my old accts, etc.  Hope you are having a great spring–talk to you soon!

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Chemo cap Contest Update and Extension…

Hi guys!  Bet you thought I ran away and never finished the contest.  I didn’t!  I apologize for not blogging sooner, my computer was giving me issues and then there was the catch up I had to do after we returned from a week in Disney and Easter festivities.  Not excuses, just life.  Sorry guys.  I am in the process of compiling all the entries for the contest.  Originally when I came up with this idea, I assumed if everyone would just comment on the blog, I would be able to tally those easily and pick a number and viola!  I had my winners.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it can be difficult to comment on wordpress, so I got emails of entries, and then they came in through Ravelry.  Add those to all the unread emails from when I was away and I am a bit swamped.  I want to make sure I go through all my emails and double-check my ravmail and comments to make sure everyone is accounted for and I promise to pick some winners ASAP!

I also received some emails asking for help as to where to donate the caps in their area.  And some people have been knitting away full force, but haven’t had the time to bring them to a location to donate.  So, I have made an executive decision to extend the contest until April 21st (Monday) as we recently found out that my aunt will not have to have her surgery until then–the week after my sister’s wedding and she will be able to attend (hopefully) so we are celebrating that!  I do want to reward those for getting their caps donated in a timely manner sooooo, what I will do is pick some winners now and some on 4/21.  Sound fair?  I will not wipe all the entries out and make you start again, so if you got your caps in for the first deadline and you don’t win a prize, stay tuned to the later date, as you may still win then. 

I want to thank everyone profusely for helping me knit to appease my nervousness regarding my aunt’s health and for helping to make others feel good, even for just a time, with a handknit hat in a very terrible time in their life.  I also want to thank all the prize donors and the many podcasters who announced the contest and spread the word about all the great knitting you all were doing. 


Above is the latest cap I knit for my aunt out of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and it’s super-soft (The Amanda hat–free from  I hope she is soothed by it and it makes her feel good.  It’s destined for the post office in the morning.

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Shedir is She-done!


Well, this was definitely not the quick knit I thought it would be, but it IS gorgeous!  At one point, I contacted the designer, Jenna, to figure out the cabling–she was so amazing to get back to me so quickly!  I finally finished it up today and it took a bath and is drying out now.  I hope to have it in the mail in the next day or two to my aunt–she’s been waiting for it.  Hope everyone else is knitting away on their chemo caps–it’s been bitter weather here and I’m sure they will be appreciated.  I have very few entries into the chemo cap challenge/contest–in fact I think I have more prizes than contestants right now–so don’t be shy, spread the word.  The more people that donate caps, the more prizes I will seek out.

I just finished watching the Martha Stewart Show on Handmade Knitwear and our group made it in a few times.  I’m just happy I wasn’t doing something embarrassing.  I should try surfing You-Tube to see if any snipets popped up and try to link it here…


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Taping at the Martha Stewart Show

Well, this post will be entirely about the Martha Stewart Show taping that I went to yesterday.  The entire audience (except one lonely guy) were comprised of knitters and it was a blast!  Not much actual knitting content in the show about handknits, but fun, nonetheless…

This is my friend Lisa (on the right) and I posing in the anteroom

Here I am actually knitting in the audience…Here I am, actually knitting in the audience

Here’s all four of us with our awesome seats!  We stayed on line freezing our asses off to secure our positions, but it seemed to pay off in the end…


From the left:  Me, Lisa, Denise and Terri.

And against the wishes of the security guards right in front of us, Lisa snapped a shot of Martha actually knitting with the spun fur from Paw Paw–looks like some 16″ addi’s…Martha knits with Paw Paw's fur

As I mentioned earlier, there wasn’t a lot of knitting guests on the show… the first craft segment was about the book Sock and Glove   again, not really knitting, but cute….it’s kind of like a cutting-sewing book, not any knitting patterns in there, and it was our free giveaway from this show (along with a copy of Everyday Food magazine).

Another segment was about knitted marzipan which I saw a few months ago and can be found on the blog VeganYumYum.  Personally, I could list about 100 other fibers I would rather knit with, but they are kind of cute…

The most inspiring knitting content I would say were being in the midst of all the amazing knitters and knitting projects.  One of the audience members they pulled out was found on the blog MochiMochiLand.  I remember seeing her blog mentioned on Lime and Violet’s Daily Chum a while back and after talking to her, I remember her Woodins pattern on  She was super-sweet and deserved her 15 seconds of fame on the show!  You go girl!

All in all, it was a fun day out in the (cold) city and we had a great time.  Watch for us on Monday February 25th’s episode and see if you can spot us in the audience.

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Chemo Cap Challenge/Contest Pattern Suggestions

For all of you looking for some new inspirations for chemo caps, someone suggested this site on knitlist:

And I stumbled upon this site, too:

 Don’t forget you can also visit Ronni’s site for other simple patterns for caps.  I am still working on shedir for my aunt.  I hope to have it finished this weekend and give it to my parents on Monday to bring to her.  She may have to be admitted on Tuesday for another round of new chemo drugs and I want her to have it for the hospital stay.

 The prize donations continue to roll in and I have only two entries into the contest so far….let’s get those needles clicking, it doesn’t take long or much yarn to make a quick chemo cap–come on and win some great prizes!!

Martha Stewart Show countdown–5 days!!!!!!!  My friend and I don’t know what we are looking forward to the most–seeing a live taping of Martha or spending a day without kids getting to knit uninterrupted, lol.  I have the best hubby in the world who offerred to take the day off and watch DD so that I can spend the day in knitter heaven–best Valentine’s Day gift ever!!

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Another blogger joining in the chemo cap challenge/contest

Through Ravelry, I have met some wonderful amazing people who are taking up needles all over the country and making caps to donate for the chemo cap challenge/contest.  If you visit this blog:

You will see that she has also added a prize for anyone who has donated chemo caps.  You have to comment on her blog as well, so be sure to comment here and there to increase your chances of winning! 

Please make sure that when you comment, you leave the name and location of the hospital you donate to and that there is a way for me to contact you if you win a prize. 

Keep on knitting for good!

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Chemo Cap Challenge/Contest Sponsor List

I am overwhelmed with the wonderful offers of prize donations.  I will keep them updated and listed here and will add pictures when available. 

  • Flo from will send the first 5 people to email me with their home address a rolled brim hat and scarf kit.  Send me your address ASAP.  I will update this post when they are all spoken for…the kit looks like this:   ALL KITS ARE SPOKEN FOR AT THE MOMENT–thank you for your interest!
  • Bonnie from Ravelry is generously donating some Costan Rican coffee–yum!!
  • Deb and Kaye from will be donating a prize yet to be determined.
  • Eric from and Sweaters for Dragons podcast will be donating a small project bag–perfect for holding a pair of socks or…..a chemo cap.  See how clever the prizes are?  Cables and Lace small project bag
  • Lime and Violet from the Lime and Violet podcast will donate a prize yet to be determined.
  • Dez of Knitting Asylum Yarns will be donating a hank of her handspun yarn.
  • Marly from Yarn Thing podcast will be donating a prize yet to be determined.
  • The Yarn Grove will be donating a hank of hand-dyed Woolly Boully  Softie in the Luna Moth colorway to the causeWBs - Lunamoth
  • Of course, I will send some great Mary Kay Spa products 
  • Another new prize donor  has this awesome prize to donate (that’s sterling silver and swarovski crystals for those who want to know…): 

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As I have been knitting the shedir hat for my aunt undergoing chemo for an agressive sarcoma, I was inspired to knit another chemo cap to donate in honor as well.  I contacted Ronni Spoll of  and discussed the particulars of donating some chemo caps on how to go about doing it.  Ronni is an amazing woman, a past recipient of Knitter of the Year at Stitches and founder of The Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program in honor of her daughter.  So I am challenging each knitter who reads this blog to knit AT LEAST ONE chemo cap and donate it to your local hospital’s oncology/chemo unit.  Ronni asks that you attach a tag that reads:

” Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program”      Knit for you by (your first name or name of knitting group)

Now, if you take my challenge and knit a hat, please leave a comment here on my blog as to who you are and where you donated (Ronni keeps tabs on these statistics) and I will pick a winner out of all the participants and send them a fibery-prize.  Deadline will be Sunday March 30th, DD will pick out a name on the 31st.  I will give you a chance at the drawing for each hat that you donate, so those who crank out as many as possible and donate them, will have a greater chance at winning.  I am off to see if anyone would be willing to donate prizes–please contact me privately (princesspeanutsmommy at gmail dot com) if you want to be a prize donor.  I would really like this to be a multi-prize contest because I believe everyone who donates their time for others deserves it!  If you know of anyone who could donate prizes, please let me know and I will set up an area of sponsor links.  Thanks for reading my blog and let’s go do some good!!!!!!

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Star-studded week

Well, it’s been quite an exciting week over here.  I have been invited to a taping of Martha Stewart, AND the entire program is about …….


I cannot explain in words how excited I am about going, I have a huge grin on my face ever since I got the email.   Now I just have to figure out what to wear and what to bring with me (you have to bring your favorite knitted object and something you are working on as well as needles and hooks for any KAL they want you to do there…).

Yesterday I also got to meet author and Food Network TV star of Healthy Appetite Ellie Krieger.  She was so down-to-earth and sweet, really interesting to talk to and a very jam-packed cookbook with a ton of recipes!  Of course I had to buy the cookbook and get the obligatory photo op–DD got in the pic, too…

Speaking of DD and cooking, she’s enjoying her Wee Can Cook class at the local park.  So far they have made pizza and muffins.  She tells her daddy all about what they made and how she ate it all.  She was super-excited when the teacher picked her out the first class to crack the egg.  Well, now everytime she sees me take out the eggs, she has her step stool right up to the counter thinking this is her job to do.  Can’t wait for the day she can cook for me…

On the WW front, I am down 42 pounds as of last Thursday.  The losses have been smaller and inconsistent the past few weeks, but I really have been eating out more than I would like to be and I am sure that has a lot of influence on my weight loss lately.  I weigh in again tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Well, I finally received my Knit Pick’s Harmony needles that I have coveted for the past few months.  I love them–’nuff said.  I’ve taught some beginner knitting classes over at the Wooly Monmouth in Red Bank.  I fell in love all over again with Koigu that I found on one of the shelves, that I had to cast on for a shapely shawlette that I purchased my Koigu for several years ago at Stitches East (back when it was in AC).  It’s chugging along and is a fairly easy pattern to do without a whole lot of concentration, which makes it a great project to bring with me to Martha, or maybe I will finish it and wear it on the show…it’s gorgeous colors of blues and greys with flashes of raspberry pink and some dark purple sprinkled throughout, and knitting up so easily on my new Harmony circs.  Honestly, you could so just about anything with Koigu and it would look amazing, at least IMHO.  DMIL’s Beaufort hat is finished and already shipped off to her for the cold weather we are experiencing.  Hope she likes it!  If I get my KP’s Harmony DPN’s soon, I plan on making a pair of fingerless mittens in the rest of the Debbie Bliss Merino Aran that I have left.

Beaufort Hat

A few other things have been going on lately.  DD is also taking an adventures in Chinese language class–we are both enjoying learning a few new words.  Her favorite word so far is penguin, which is chee unh, lol.  She carries a tiny stuffed pengiun around that we got at the Boston Aquarium and calls it her baby chee unh.  On a more serious note, my aunt started chemotherapy this past Monday for a sarcoma tumor on her leg.  She’s gone through two operations for it in the past and it has changed to a very aggressive, nasty form of sarcoma now (instead of the slow-growing one it was before).  Please keep her and my family in your prayers, it’s going to be a tough road ahead.  I plan on picking up some Rowan Calmer and making her a shedir and some fingerless mittens to match tomorrow….

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Wow, long time no post!!

Hi all!  I’m baaa–acckkk.  I can’t believe it’s been this long since I blogged, but it has been a crazy few months!  I won’t even bore you with details of sickness and holiday busy-ness–I know you all live it, too.

I thought I would just pick a topic and write on one thing each post for the next few posts, just to catch you all up on my life.  So today, I will start with the easiest topic–Weight Watchers.  I’m doing well, totally pleased with my progress.  I’ve lost 38.4 pounds so far and I am quite happy with that!  I went shopping for some new jeans this past weekend and I went down 2 sizes.  Now I can retire the belt that was holding up my super-baggy old jeans, lol.  I also picked up some new shirts and got a few for Christmas, too, as well as a new coat.  Yay!  I hope this year holds many successes with regards to weight loss.  As soon as I put away my Christmas tree, I will be pulling out the treadmill again and hope to listen to some knitting podcasts while I walk/run for a while each morning.  I’m surprised by how much I am not feeling like I am dieting.  Maybe because I don’t deny myself things, just eat a small amount of them and concentrate on being really good the rest of the day/week when I indulge a bit.  I don’t know, it just seems like a new way of eating but not really compromising.  My mom and sister think they may start WW, too.  I hope they do and enjoy it as much as I do, especially when you lose the big numbers, those are my favorite weeks. 

So that’s all for now, just a quick update on WW.  I think I will blog about the books I have read next time.  Please comment and let me know you are still out there reading…I promise not to stray for so long again!

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