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A guilty post

Hi, umm, sorry. I feel bad, really I do. But I did post a long time ago, and the computer lost the post (it was a long one, too!) and then I was a little mad. I didn’t feel like posting again. But I’m back now, and I’ll try to catch you up from the last month. I’m also a little dissapointed I don’t know how to get my blog out there for other people to read, but I am working on it. I’ve just been a little busy this past month.

Our St Patrick’s day party was such a success and everyone loved the corned beef so much, that we did it all over again the next day! I am totally corned beefed out now, and good till next year 🙂

I worked very hard on DD’s felted Easter basket (a kit from The Wool Connection that a friend of mine gave me for my baby shower last year). I didn’t have time to take a pre-felt picture because I was in a hurry to get it felted and dried for DD’s Easter pictures today. I did manage to take it to my local knitting guild on Thursday and show it off while it was drying. I also toted DD along wearing one of her sweaters and brought her other sweater along, too. I never remember to bring anything for show and tell, so this time I brought a bunch. I will now be returning to her aran dress that I designed and hope that someday she will be able to wear it…..

DD has been getting so big. She crawls like a champ and goes up the stairs so quickly. She’s cruising around, but still prefers to crawl since she knows she can get to more areas that way. DH has given her a deadline of mid-July when we go on our cruise to learn to walk. There won’t be many places she can crawl and she’s going to get pretty ansy with us holding her all the time. I’m sure she will be up for the challenge 🙂 I still am in shock that she will be turning one in a matter of days. Her party is fast approaching and I need to get my butt in gear to get everything ready. It should be fun!

This Sunday my DM will be having Easter dinner at her house. My uncle (DM’s younger brother, diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2004, a few months after he retired) feels up to going out and having Easter with us. It will be a very special Easter having us all together.

I’m trying to rattle my brain to remember what else has happened in the past month. Oh yes, we had a trip to Great Adventure on opening weekend. DD had a blast riding on the rides, she;s not afraid of anything! I went to two baby showers for babies due in May(I’m making one of them a little sweater for when the baby arrives). My SIL had an Easter egg party last weekend. DD went with DH b/c I was at one of the baby showers. She had fun decorating an egg and finding little eggs. She has such a blast with her cousins–she totally looks up to them like they are such idols. It’s very cute.

Well, that’s a real Reader’s Digest form of life the past month, minus the book babies, playdates, walks in the park, swinging on swings. I promise to keep up better. I’ll write again on Sunday night. Toodles!


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