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It’s a sick day

But not for me. DD is all stuffed up with congestion and a nasty cough. I will be home for the next few days tending to her illness. Hopefully, DH and I will stay clear of the bug, but it’s kind of impossible to do when she wants to be cuddled and comforted all the time.

Co-taught a fixing mistakes class yesterday at the Wooly Monmouth ( ). It went better than I expected. It’s times like this I realize, I really have learned so much these past few years–my grandmother would have been so proud!

Last week I taught 5 moms from my MOMS club how to knit–now that was a challenge! There were no babysitters and everyone had their kids along–what a zoo! They each had to make a 12X12″ square that will be joined into a blanket for one of the moms who is moving away. Most of the squares were ok, but I had to rip one out to about 2 ” and reknit it–it started to look like a trapezoid! Also, OTN is the baby cardigan for a dear friend who just had her baby girl. I want to finish that up before I go to visit in the next week or two.

DD’s birthday party was a success–everyone seemed to have a great time. DD behaved so well (on barely a nap) and seemed to know that everyone was there for her, lol. She looked absolutely adorable in her party dress, just like a princess, and she didn’t take her hair bow out at all! It totally boggles my mind that last year at this time, she was not even 6 pounds and so tiny and helpless, and now, she’s growing up so fast and on the verge of walking. She says so many words now, too.

I just entered a contest at . You should enter, too, and could win a free hotsling or moby wrap. I love wearing DD, especially for long walks, you should try it, too!


May 22, 2006 - Posted by | Babywearing, Family and Life, knitting

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