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Is it cheating on your needles…

To use one of those noddy knitters?  LOL  My pumpkin is done and I am plugging away on my cardigan (not too far along, but it is taking me a while to get through each row).  I took my Rowan Tapestry scarf along with me yesterday and I love the colors!  This is the first scarf that I really want to block while it’s still on the needles so that I can admire it as it’s coming along.  In fact, I think I will do just that and post a picture of it when it’s all dried.

Anyway, now that my pumpkin is done I wanted to make the handle out of I-cord.  I thought it might go faster to use the knitting noddy, even though I have never used one before.  I don’t know why, but it sort of feels like cheating.  But my ultimate goal is to get this done asap and continue to work on my cardigan so that I can get back to my WIP/UFO list. 

Hubby and I took DD to Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill yesterday.  Our plans to take her to Sesame Place fell through due to the weather 😦  I think we will try again next week.  She seems to enjoy it at the museum, but we were all a little sleep-deprived throughout the day.  DD has been going through a bit of a rough patch, for the past few days she has been waking up at 2:30-3 AM and staying up for almost 2 hours crying, asking for milk, throwing a fit, etc.  She’s been giving me a hard time about driving in the car, too.  She cried the entire drive up to my parent’s house the other day–about 50 minutes straight.  There is nothing that will console her except to stop the car and let her out, which is difficult to do when you are highway driving.  It seems the terrible two’s have arrived early here, and I do hope we all make it through.  I hate to see her like this, and it ain’t doing anything good for my mood, I can tell you that!  Hopefully this will be another week, and a new start and maybe things won’t be as bad as they have been.  I can dream, can’t I?

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Cabin Fever’s Braids Cardigan is Casted On!


It took me two times to get the first row correct, I must have miscounted somewhere along the line (could it have been the 16 month old climbing in and out of my lap while I was doing it?  NAH!  Couldn’t be! 😉  )  I am finally through the second row and I decided to type out the whole pattern repeat so that it will be easy for me to read quickly.  I am finding the yarn a bit stiff (Jo Sharp DK Wool in Tweed, color pine), but I think it will wash up beautifully, as most wools do.  I have heard good things about the yarn, so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt.  It is a cardigan, so won’t be directly against my skin anyway, but I am sure it will keep me warm!  DD is particularly fond of the ladybug stitch markers I have dangling from the Addi circ.  Which reminds me–I joined a stitch marker exchange and I can’t wait to do it!  I also joined in the secret pal 9, which if I could figure out how to add those buttons to this blog, I would so you all could check it out.  What fun–I will be posting more on those later.  Gotta get some sleep–insurance inspector is coming in the morning to check out the water damage to our living room ceiling–long story, very boring–the short of it is, my bathtub fixtures all decided to declare mutiny on us all at once!  We had 4 leaks from the shower and it was raining in my living room last week.  Wish me luck!

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WIP-Felted pumpkin bag for DD

WIP-felted pumpkin bag  I don’t know why I couldn’t get this to upload to the appropriate spot in my previous post, so here it is in it’s own little post.  If you can make out the stitch marker, I am pleased to tell you that I made that all on my own, before I knew anything serious about beading.  Anyway, at this point, I have finished the decreases on the pumpkin and bound it off.  Now I just have to wait for my friend to give me the rest of the green skein back so I can make some I-cord for the handle.  3 skeins of cascade 200 made 2 bags with some leftover, so that’s not bad, in my book!  I picked up one of those Numi bag patterns, the one with the bobbles all over it.  Well, you can be sure I am saving up every little last bit of any feltable wool I have to make the bobbles for it.  I can’t wait to make that one, either!  Sigh….too many projects, so little time!

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Rowan Tapestry….ahh Buttah!

Wow, this yarn is so amazingly beautiful and soft.  Not so easy for a beginner, I would think, splits like crazy, very picky yarn, but oh so worth it!  It’s super silky and I chose to use some Crystal Palace circulars with it (size 6, if you must know the particulars), which is a big deal since I am a die-hard Addi fan.  I am knitting it up into a very luxurious scarf, 48 stitches wide and a nice chevron pattern.  I know this is going back on my credo to not start any new projects, but it was so pretty and staring at me from it’s bag, just begging to be played with, so there you are.  I didn’t even start on my KAL–naughty, naughty me.

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Ramblings on knittin’s stuff

Hey all!  I am so excited to see so many hits on my blog and from all over the world!  Please feel free to drop me a quick comment next time you have a moment.  I’m friendly, I promise 🙂

Don’t know about you, but if you have been knitting for a while and feel semi-competent at knitting, aren’t you a little disappointed in all the new knitting books out there?  So much geared towards the newer knitter, simple bulky patterns with little fit and little design.  And so much paper devoted to how to form the simple stitches–AGAIN!  I know, maybe I’m being a little too picky, but I so look forward to seeing a new book come out and hope that it will be a little more complex and complicated with their designs.  I am currently loving the Knitting Nature book by Norah Gaughan.  Have you seen it?  Talk about complex!  But I am so disappointed to hear of how many errors are in the patterns.  I know I personally am not going to knit from it until I hear a significant amount of people try the patterns out. 😦  Oh well.

 And I know I must be way behind on this bandwagon, but has anyone seen the yarn by Rowan called Tapestry?  OMG!!!  I dropped by a little knitting store down the road from my parents house last night (I was a little too early to drop DD off before my knitting group started).  She was making a little waves patterned scarf with this yarn and I fell in love.  Actually, I first fell in love with the skein on the shelf, and then she told me she was knitting with it.  Needless to say, 4 skeins jumped right into my hands and walked out the store with me–she even wrote down the pattern for me on a slip of paper and the second I am done with a few of my UFO/WIP’s, I plan on getting started on it!

Speaking of UFO/WIP’s, I am getting ready to do the decreases for the pumpkin bag that will be felted and then all I will need to do is make some i-cord for the handle and felt away!  Tomorrow I am starting a Cabin Fever Braids KAL.  I’m actually having a very weird gauge issue with that.  I have Jo Sharp DK wool in tweed, on the ball band it shows a size 6 needle should give you 22 sts/4 in.  The Summer Braids pattern calls for that exact same gauge.  I swatched, like a good little girl, on the size 6 and got 18 sts/4 in, so I went down to a size 4.  The 4 gave me 20 sts/4in with a firm fabric.  I think if I went down to an even smaller needle, the fabric would be a little too stiff.  Fortunately, I also purchased the worsted weight Braids pattern and that calls for a gauge of 20 sts/4 in, so I guess I will do that pattern with this yarn, but it seems a bit off to me–any ideas or hints, suggestions, ANYTHING?  LOL  I really want to get started on this tomorrow with everyone else.

Well, I’m off to finish the rest of the pumpkin while watching my tivo’s survivor.  Toodles!

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God bless those who lost loved ones and friends on the morning or days after 9/11.  May you have the strength to make it through your day today with privacy, grace, dignity and laughter from fond memories of those you have lost.  I will be reflecting today on how it has changed my life, and remember to never take for granted all that I have.

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That’s my daughter alright!

This afternoon after DD’s all to brief nap, I was taking her out to the playground in our development.  As I was finding her shoes, I told her to get her ball so that we could bring it with us to play.  When I looked up she came running towards me beaming and holding up a ball of yarn saying “ball, ball”.  Now that’s my girl!  I’ve taught her so well already and we haven’t even started her formal fiber training yet (she’s only 16 months old for those of you who are new to the blog).  After our playtime, I fed her dinner and gave her some sliced cherries and some mac and cheese.  I looked up to find her dunking the cherry slices into the mac and cheese and then eating them–eww!  Then again, maybe she does have a little of her father in her (just kidding!  wink, wink).

I’m currently working on a pumpkin bag that will be felted for DD to take with her on Halloween to collect her goodies.  I am adapting the Fiber Trends pumpkin hat pattern to suit my needs.  I am working it from the top down and am making headway on the pumpkin portion.  Once I am done with that, it’s just an i-cord handle and felt, felt away!  Of course I have brought a friend along for this obsession and I may be making a new felt fanatic.  One of the moms from our playgroup also knows how to knit and her daughter is a month older than mine, so she jumped at the chance of making a Halloween treat bag for her DD as well.  I think I will try to figure out how to post pictures on wordpress today, so check back to see if I have figured it out….

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I’m done, I’m done!! Woo Hoo!

I finally finished the knitting portion of the stitch sampler scarf.  I started the long weekend with only half of it knitted and finished the last block at around 9PM last night at my SIL’s house.  Yes, I still need to weave in ends and block portions of it, but the knitting part is done.  I don’t know about you, but scarf and blanket knitting is the most difficult to me.  I get halfway done and get bored with it.  I even picked this pattern because it had different blocks of stitches to try out, but then you repeat them on the second half of the scarf, so that’s why it was languishing for all this time.  I never even finished the baby blanket I was making for DD, but in all honesty, I was using Wool Ease (Lion Brand) and it was feeling kind of rough and then DD developed eczema and should only have cotton or a cotton blend, so that is in the frog pond as we speak.  Oh well, she’s not a fan of blankets anyway 🙂   I am hoping that said DD will take a decent nap today so that I can weave in ends and block the scarf, I’m hoping that I can also finish up a couple of other projects that just need the picky little finishing stuff, too.  Who knows, maybe when I come back to post, there will be several things to add to a “finished projects” list that I need to add to my sidebar….ahh, one can hope!

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