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Another SP9 package arrives!

I have to start off by saying my apologies again for no pictures, we are still trying to work out the bugs on my computer since the great crash a few weeks ago and I’m not able to get the pictures onto my computer–yet.  I do have pictures, though, so when I can, I will post them. 

This package was awesome!  And I might even say my spoiler had ESPN (ok, I watched Zoolander a few too many times with my nieces, but this is like one of my most favorite lines in the movie..)  It was kind of weird opening the package because it was almost like I had placed an order for the yarn.  Let me explain.  The first thing I saw (and I recognized it immediately) was  a hank of recycled silk yarn.  Several years ago when I went to Stitches East, I purchased two hanks of this yarn and I was just thinking the other day, I wish I had gotten one more hank, I think I would be able to do more with it, and I put it on the back burner and decided to order another hank so that I can whip up a nice little scarf or something with it.  For those of you that don’t know, it’s one colorway, no dye lots, literally made with recycled bits of silk.  It’s super soft to the touch and I can’t wait to start up a luxurious little scarf out of it.  Then, the next thing I saw was a  hank of hemp.  I had received a cotton washcloth from another knitter, and I was lamenting how the cotton gets stiff and fades a bit as I use it more and more and was wondering if hemp would act the same way, I had heard some people saying hemp was a good alternative to cotton for a washcloth, etc.  Then, out of the blue, some arrives in the package for me to play with, lol.  There was also a pretty pink and purple Linen print from Rowan skein in there–something for me or DD, I’m thinking… and some nice shower gel, soap and candle.  As a mom, taking a shower is often the only alone time I get and even then there’s usually a little face peeking in on me while I am in there (DD loves to play peek a boo with me while I’m in there, lol).  I love to try to pamper myself in that way, so thanks pal, you can tell, she’s a mom, too!  There was also a pez dispenser in there, and I greedily hid that in my desk drawer so that noone else gets any–he he he.  And, last but not least, an adorable pair of mittens for DD made out of this super soft and cuddly warm brown/cream tweedy yarn.  And such craftmanship!  Well, those were a huge hit over here, and even go with her leopard print winter coat from Children’s Place, lol.  DD likes to walk around with them and play with them, she can put them on and off already and sometimes wears them as “oven mitts” when she plays with her pretend kitchen.  Funny, I couldn’t get her to put the store bought mittens on that I got her for Christmas–could I be raising a fiber snob already?!?!  Sigh, one can only hope 😉  Anyway, it was a very happy occasion here when the package arrived, I felt totally spoiled and waited until everyone else was asleep before opening it.  Thanks pal!  You’re the greatest!

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2007 begins

Hi all,

Boy, have I been bad at blogging lately.  It seems the holidays caught up with me and I feel totally overwhelmed.  I cannot wait for things to be quiet again.  I don’t think I have even got to knit for at least a month!  Well, today I did, I had to go to the doctor for a sinus infection/bronchitis and I was able to finish up a row on my cardigan.  Tomorrow, I plan on taking it easy and just chilling out.  Maybe watch a few movies with DD, eat comfort food (mac and cheese and chicken noodle soup is calling my name).  Maybe DD will even let me knit a few rows…..

Our holidays were very nice, DD was blasted with a super amount of toys and clothes and we were very happy to get to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with lots of family–the most important gift of all.  We ended the year quietly with DH’s mom and niece over for a nice dinner and playtime with DD.   Santa was good to us, too.  My parents have offerred to fix up my craft room and install all the shelving for my knitting and scrapbooking supplies.  My sister gave DD an easel for Christmas, so I hope to get it up there in the same room so she can hang out with me and be creative, too.  My sister also gave me two of Nicky Epstein’s knitting on the edge and beyond the edge books and hubby gave me a knitting novel called “knitting under the influence”, so it wasn’t a totally unfiberish holiday for me, lol. 

Well, I see my new cough medicine is kicking in and I am getting a bit tired, so I should sign off for now.  I have TiVo’s a bunch of Knitty Gritty’s from HGTV (hooray for finally showing it there!) and I can catch up all day tomorrow.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Now every time I read DD Goodnight Moon, she points very happily and says “knittin’, knittin'” to the old lady in the rocking chair who is knitting.  She also goes over to my knitting bag and says “mommy knittin'” whenever she sees it.  Dare I wish that she become obsessed like me?  I know, I know, it’s too early, but a momma can hope, can’t she?  🙂  Toodles for now, blog at ya soon.

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