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SP 10 Contest Challenge

My lovely SP10 host posed a challenge to get us all to post something today.  She asked us to blog about our favorite knitting accessory, which I take to mean, gadget.  Now for me, that’s a loaded question, I am gadget girl.  If they make a knitting gadget, I wanna have it!  I have all sorts of little doo dads stashed in my knitting bag (or suitcase, really).  Recently, I added beading to my long list of obsessions, I mean crafts, and with that has come a huge assortment of beaded markers.  But really, I guess if I had to pare it down to a minimum, I would say stitch markers (I am always being interrupted and that helps me to stay on track), a hanging row counter (ditto the last aside, lol), point protectors, and a nice pair of sharp scissors.  Sorry no pictures, I am having enough trouble getting online and posting recently.  I will have to ask hubby to look at internet settings again–I keep getting bumped off.  TTFN!

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Secret Pal 10 Questionnaire

I was trying to be good and complete my questionnaire ahead of time, but then it got trampled by a lot of other misc posts, so I am including the link to it here to make it easy to find.  Hi Pal (waving).

I also received my secret pal information and quickly checked out her blog.  Such similar work interests, can’t wait to get to know her better…

Well, I just wanted to post quickly before I pass out.  DD has not been taking well to the time change and is really having a hard time going to sleep.  Then I couldn’t sleep last night either….can we say spring fever?  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be close to 70–I’m going to get her to a park for some fresh air in the am–it will do us both good.  Mary Kay business is doing well and I’m enjoying it!  It’s a crime to have this much fun at work–he he.

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An update

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately.  I’ve been socked with a wicked sinus/ear infection that has left me without hearing for the past 5 days in my left ear.  It’s such a bizarre feeling not being able to hear clearly.  Spoke with the doctor last night and she’s adding steroids to my long list of medication for this silly cold.  Hope to be feeling better soon.

Haven’t been doing a lot of knitting lately, but I did finish my mom’s fancy fur scarf that she requested.  I want to give it a quick wash and can give it to her this weekend.  Been doing a lot of organizing and selling Mary Kay over the past two weeks, but mostly all to family.  Now that they are tapped out, I need to find some fresh blood, lol.  I’m hoping to have an open house at my place in a few weeks and give impromptu makeovers and make up some baskets for mother’s day.  Wish me luck.

Sorry no toddler trivia of late–we really haven’t been watching TV in the morning.  We might sneak in a show this morning before we head out to the local B&N for storytime.  Even though it’s so cold, we need to get out of the house to do something fun.

Till next we meet…..

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