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Book Club–The Road

Well, I was so looking forward to my next book club book….that is until I started to actually read this book.  How utterly depressing!  I know I am way outnumbered by all the people who are oohing and ahhing over this book, but I honestly had a sour face on the whole time I read it.  I read it in record time, btw, once I finally got past the first 20 pages (all I kept thinking is, is this all they are going to be doing the whole book, just walking on the same road?) and at a certain point, I was determined to keep reading and finish it just to be done with it.  So gruesome and dark, so not my book.  Oh well, I can’t love them all!  Our next book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.  I have already started it and it’s a quick read as well.  Should be interesting……Cold Sassy Tree is still waiting on my bedside table for me to pick up again.  Maybe after this book I will do just that.


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The oldest yarn in my stash….

would have to be the yarn I bought for my very first project, which to this day remains unfinished.  Sigh….well, it was Lion Brand wool-ease in worsted (which I think knits up a little more like a DK to me) and I was making a basketweaved scarf, but I gave up on it long ago.  I don’t have a picture and can’t move all my stuff to get it right now, so you will just have to believe me, lol.

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As the mother of a toddler

It’s important to remind yourself that they test and torment the ones they feel safest with.  Even after years of being a pediatric nurse and taking care of countless children by babysitting, being a nanny, etc, it needs to be repeated on occassion while actually rearing a toddler.  Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself….

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Book Club today

Today my MOMS Club Book Club met to discuss The Kite Runner and pick out the three books we will read over the summer.  We picked The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (my suggestion), The Road by Cormac McCarthy and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.  I’m wondering if anyone else has read any of these books and what their thoughts were.  Am I yet again happily abandoning the Cold Sassy Tree for The Road as soon as it arrives from 🙂 

DH is out with a coworker visiting from TX tonight (actually last night he was out, too) and DD and I are being creative.  She’s finger painting and I am organizing scrapbooking space.  I just realized that so far this year I have not bought any yarn–gasp!!  I was going to join the Knit from Your Stash-a-long, but I haven’t really had any time for knitting either, let alone shop for new yarn.  This must stop!  I joined SP10 and I am not even really knitting.  Tonight after the little one is in bed, I promise to knit until I pass out.  I also need to join the scrap from your stash group, too….

Blog at ya later!

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Has anyone else ever read…

Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns?  I’m trying my hardest to get into it, but I’m having trouble.  Anyone else read it?  Does it pick up at some point?  Am I missing something here?  LOL  Thanks!

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An end to SP9 and a beginning to SP10

Wow, my first package arrived already!  I’ll let you have at the pictures first, then I will describe/drool…

Included in the package are:  Candy necklace and bracelet for DD.  In fact, it’s strange how they know things are for them.  As soon as I opened up the package, she ran over, reached her hand in, pulled out the candy and said to me with her head cocked to one side “Mine?”  Sigh….Next was a cute little nail file with pictures of yarn on it–always need one of those, especially since I can’t afford to get manicures any more, lol.  An adorable keychain from Lantern Moon, that is a sweater.  Some interesting raspberry sour Altoids candies, I don’t remember saying that I liked sour candies, but they are my favorite kind of candy.  Then of course, the piece de resistance (wish I knew how to type in French on here, lol)  3 skeins of gorgeous yarns from and some random beads, so totally my kind of colorway.  Included was a pattern for a horizontal knit scarf using these three yarns in different combinations.  I’m tempted to put aside the soy yarn scarf I am working on and cast this on right now.  I could use a big needle knit, atm, ya know what I mean?  Such a pleasant surprise in the mailbox today–thanks buddy!!  You’re a keeper!

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Last SP9 Package (oops, did I leave that forever on my camera?)

A huge public apology to my SP9 spoiler  I took this picture of her last package a looonnnggg time ago, but I guess it never got downloaded from the camera.  So here it is, in all it’s glory.  A scrapbookers delight–who cares if it’s a knitting secret pal–knitty kitty knows to feed all my addictions, lol.  Thanks, buddy, I’m keeping a watch on you.  All my best!

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SP10 contest challenge–things I loved to knit, things I hated to knit

My SP10 hostess challenged us to blog about (with pictures) our most favorite thing we ever knitted and the project we most hated to knit.  I will start with my most hated item, as it is the easiest I think for me to discuss.  Pure and simple, if I am hating what I am knitting, I rip it out and don’t finish it.  I can honestly say that I don’t have something finished that I hated doing–life is too short to waste it on that kind of project.  My knitting time is too few and far between as it is, I have to do something I enjoy.  So, no pictures, no projects completed that I hated knitting.  Hope that wasn’t too much of a cop-out, lol.

My favorite thing that I knit is a little more difficult.  I usually am in love with whatever I am currently knitting.  I do have a fondness for the items I have made for my daughter, and I have the felted Easter basket I made for her last year on my desk at the moment, waiting to be filled with Easter goodies for her tomorrow.  I love things that challenge me to learn new techniques, etc.  and right now with a little one running around me, I don’t have the patience for the more intricate knitting that I enjoy the most.  Hmmm, this is a tough one.  I’ll post a picture later with all the things I enjoyed the most–I will have to gather them up from around the house and take a picture of them.  Stay tuned…..

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Back from Florida!!

Hi all!  Sorry so quiet the past two weeks.  We just got back from Florida and I have been having the dickens of a time with my internet connections.  A fun time was had by all, although I would by no means call it a relaxing vacation!  LOL  Our little one had a blast in the Magic Kingdom, we mostly hung out at the Winnie the Pooh ride, It’s a Small World and the carousel.  By the end of the week the park became quite busy and it was difficult to get onto any of the rides with less than an hour wait, which does not sit well with an almost two year old diva.  She kept saying “it’s my turn now” when there was about 50 people in front of us, lol.  Oh well, the week went by without too many tantrums and she enjoyed herself nonetheless.  The characters were her absolute favorite, though, and I think she could have spent hours with them.  Even though she was too shy to talk to them, she hugged them and kissed them and showed them her bear so that they could kiss it.  Too cute!  The best part was when her 6 year old cousin came down to Disney, too, at the end of our vacation and she tried to tell him about all the things that had happened that week to her.  She was so happy to see him, it’s so cute.

Well, I just want to wish everyone a happy holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate.  Peace and love.

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