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A realization

CONTEST REMINDER:  Deadline 9/15/07   Send links or references to QUICK knits (or felted items) for my Christmas gifts and you will be entered into a drawing for a fabulous prize!  Don’t forget to include a way of getting in touch with you, should you win.

The past few days I’ve been lamenting on the fact that I am no longer knitting anything for myself.  I’ve decided to stop all knitting on my Cabin Fever Braids Cardigan and just put it in a holding pattern until I see how this whole WW thing pans out.  When I started knitting the cardigan I was so excited, because it was the first time I ever started to knit a piece of clothing for myself.  Oh sure, I’ve knit hats, scarves, bags, felted items, lots of accessories, but never a sweater or cardigan for me.  Any sweaters that I have knit have been for someone else, many of late, for my daughter.  So now that I have decided to stop knitting on my first cardigan, I am a little sad to not be knitting anything for me.  True, I will be a much happier me when I have lost lots of weight and this cardigan would not fit me anymore, but still, I want to make something for me.  Then the other day, I suddenly realized, I could make something for me that would be more of a garment than simple hats, scarves , etc.  I could make a nice, intricate, lace shawl for myself.  Something I have been wanting to do for a long time, but just hadn’t the patience.  Now I think I can finally take the plunge and start that project, and it would be for me, and I can wear it.  Now to find just the right pattern and then the right yarn.  I’ve heard so many people speak about Zephyr, but I personally have never seen it before.  I think a trip to the lys may be in order.  Now I do have to promise myself that I won’t start this until after all my Christmas knitting is done–it will be my gift to myself.  And it will always fit!  🙂  So do tell me your favorite patterns for shawls, I’m adventurous, so any pattern will do, not just something simple.  Lay ’em on me! 


September 10, 2007 - Posted by | knitting

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  1. I’ve just started knitting fine lace as well. Haven’t done a shawl yet, I’m not sure I’d wear one but my advice is to use a light coloured yarn for your first one, I had a heck of a time using black lace weight for a scarf the stiches were hard to see.

    Comment by elanknits | September 10, 2007 | Reply

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