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Happy (potty) dance/lucky to be alive/lace lust?

Well, I didn’t intend to ignore my blog for so long, but life totally got in my way.  I have good news, bad news and surprising news this post.  Let’s start with the good news.  DD is happily potting training away!  Hooray!!  Only diapers at night and naptime, training pants the rest of the time and she’s only had a handful of accidents.  She is most proud of herself and we are overflowing with pride over here!  Way to go, princess peanut!!!!  Can’t wait to go out and get a new purse that I don’t need to accomodate a diaper changing mat in any more…..

Now the bad news, bad, but ok.  DD and I were in a major accident last Thursday.  We’re ok, bumped, bruised, cut and scraped, but doing ok.  One week later I can finally say that I’m not as sore as I have been and only having minor aches and pains from the bruises and whiplash.  DD was well protected in her car seat and only bit her tongue on either side and had some cuts on the side of her neck where the car seat straps dug into her skin.  She’s a little extra clingy and doesn’t like me out of her sight (even more than usual) but that’s to be expected and she has a good grasp of what happened to us, that it was an accident and she’s not afraid to go in the car or anything.  She was an angel at the hospital and let them take all sorts of x-rays and everything.  When asked she will tell you, “the car seat saved me and the air bags saved my mommy’.  Which sums up the entire accident to a T, thanks so much, baby.  Needless to say, the damage was so extensive, that our SUV has been declared a total and we now need to shop for a new SUV asap!  I’m so glad I had that contest for quick holiday gift patterns, as I will be trying to make as many gifts as possible this year.  Even though we have insurance, the car was almost 3 years old, so we will have to put out a significant amount of money to purchase another new vehicle.  Gotta love insurance.  We’ll be doing a few test drives tonight and this weekend–wish us luck.  We decided to let DD pick out the color for the new car and she chose blue.  I couldn’t care less what it looks like as long as it’s safe.  Now for some quick grandstanding.  If you have a child, please restrain them in the MIDDLE of the backseat, it’s the safest place for them.  Had DD been on the driver’s side of the backseat, I am sure that she would have suffered a lot more injuries.  I wish they had a safety option of the gigantic plastic bubble that I can put around the car to keep us safe and prevent anyone from touching us again.  Live for each moment, you never know what will happen next.

On a happier note, I am in lace lust.  I don’t know why, or how, I’ve never wanted to before, but for some reason I am obsessed with all these new knitting lace patterns.  I want to join every KAL I can find and I want to knit them all now, immediately.  This is so odd, as I never really enjoyed lace in the past.  I have joined the mysticwaters KAL and will probably not get to it before the holidays, but I just feel like I want to make it without even seeing it.  Very strange, must be the cold weather approaching.

Well, I have things to catch up on and need to do some work on my library fundraiser.  Don’t forget to check out my website and place an order, 25% goes to my local library children’s center, use code 276577.   Thank you!!!!!


October 12, 2007 - Posted by | Family and Life, knitting


  1. So what KALs have you joined? I love the look of lace but I tend to “get lost” in the pattern. I have knit some but I definately can not go to the LYS and knit lace while talking. A recipe for lacey disater! I’m you and princess Peanut are feeling. Out of diapers is a good thing:)

    Comment by goldthreads | October 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. I joined the mystic waters KAL, as well as the hemlock blanket (which I don’t intend to do right away), and joined the BadCatDesigns yahoo group which is working on the Veil of Isis, lurking and wishing I could do the civil war shawl KAL, and I joined a ton of lace yahoo groups to boot. I haven’t started any of them as I need to knit fast and furious to finish Christmas knitting and other handmade gifts (my mom wants a beaded eyeglass chain and I do beading on occasion). As soon as I can I want to jump on these lace patterns. I guess since I gave up knitting sweaters for myself for the time being (over 26 pounds lost and I’m still going…) I just really want to make something for me. If you want to jump into the mystic waters KAL there’s still time–come join us, a very chatty friendly bunch so far…

    Comment by kdy12570 | October 13, 2007 | Reply

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