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As I have been knitting the shedir hat for my aunt undergoing chemo for an agressive sarcoma, I was inspired to knit another chemo cap to donate in honor as well.  I contacted Ronni Spoll of  and discussed the particulars of donating some chemo caps on how to go about doing it.  Ronni is an amazing woman, a past recipient of Knitter of the Year at Stitches and founder of The Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program in honor of her daughter.  So I am challenging each knitter who reads this blog to knit AT LEAST ONE chemo cap and donate it to your local hospital’s oncology/chemo unit.  Ronni asks that you attach a tag that reads:

” Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program”      Knit for you by (your first name or name of knitting group)

Now, if you take my challenge and knit a hat, please leave a comment here on my blog as to who you are and where you donated (Ronni keeps tabs on these statistics) and I will pick a winner out of all the participants and send them a fibery-prize.  Deadline will be Sunday March 30th, DD will pick out a name on the 31st.  I will give you a chance at the drawing for each hat that you donate, so those who crank out as many as possible and donate them, will have a greater chance at winning.  I am off to see if anyone would be willing to donate prizes–please contact me privately (princesspeanutsmommy at gmail dot com) if you want to be a prize donor.  I would really like this to be a multi-prize contest because I believe everyone who donates their time for others deserves it!  If you know of anyone who could donate prizes, please let me know and I will set up an area of sponsor links.  Thanks for reading my blog and let’s go do some good!!!!!!

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