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Shedir is She-done!


Well, this was definitely not the quick knit I thought it would be, but it IS gorgeous!  At one point, I contacted the designer, Jenna, to figure out the cabling–she was so amazing to get back to me so quickly!  I finally finished it up today and it took a bath and is drying out now.  I hope to have it in the mail in the next day or two to my aunt–she’s been waiting for it.  Hope everyone else is knitting away on their chemo caps–it’s been bitter weather here and I’m sure they will be appreciated.  I have very few entries into the chemo cap challenge/contest–in fact I think I have more prizes than contestants right now–so don’t be shy, spread the word.  The more people that donate caps, the more prizes I will seek out.

I just finished watching the Martha Stewart Show on Handmade Knitwear and our group made it in a few times.  I’m just happy I wasn’t doing something embarrassing.  I should try surfing You-Tube to see if any snipets popped up and try to link it here…



February 25, 2008 Posted by | knitting | 6 Comments