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Chemo cap Contest Update and Extension…

Hi guys!  Bet you thought I ran away and never finished the contest.  I didn’t!  I apologize for not blogging sooner, my computer was giving me issues and then there was the catch up I had to do after we returned from a week in Disney and Easter festivities.  Not excuses, just life.  Sorry guys.  I am in the process of compiling all the entries for the contest.  Originally when I came up with this idea, I assumed if everyone would just comment on the blog, I would be able to tally those easily and pick a number and viola!  I had my winners.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it can be difficult to comment on wordpress, so I got emails of entries, and then they came in through Ravelry.  Add those to all the unread emails from when I was away and I am a bit swamped.  I want to make sure I go through all my emails and double-check my ravmail and comments to make sure everyone is accounted for and I promise to pick some winners ASAP!

I also received some emails asking for help as to where to donate the caps in their area.  And some people have been knitting away full force, but haven’t had the time to bring them to a location to donate.  So, I have made an executive decision to extend the contest until April 21st (Monday) as we recently found out that my aunt will not have to have her surgery until then–the week after my sister’s wedding and she will be able to attend (hopefully) so we are celebrating that!  I do want to reward those for getting their caps donated in a timely manner sooooo, what I will do is pick some winners now and some on 4/21.  Sound fair?  I will not wipe all the entries out and make you start again, so if you got your caps in for the first deadline and you don’t win a prize, stay tuned to the later date, as you may still win then. 

I want to thank everyone profusely for helping me knit to appease my nervousness regarding my aunt’s health and for helping to make others feel good, even for just a time, with a handknit hat in a very terrible time in their life.  I also want to thank all the prize donors and the many podcasters who announced the contest and spread the word about all the great knitting you all were doing. 


Above is the latest cap I knit for my aunt out of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and it’s super-soft (The Amanda hat–free from  I hope she is soothed by it and it makes her feel good.  It’s destined for the post office in the morning.


April 2, 2008 - Posted by | knitting


  1. I just found your site! I have been knitting chemo caps for the past 2 years and donating them to our local oncologist’s office. They have a basket that sits in the waiting room with the sign “Free New Hats” and I along with several other ladies in town donate hats. They go like crazy!

    That is my part of paying it forward, I had breast cancer 2 years ago and went through surgery, chemo and radiation. I couldn’t find a hat I liked and didn’t have the energy to knit at that time. So I have been knitting the kind of hats I wish I could have worn!

    I have donated probably over 50 hats in the last 2 years. I also sell a few online for $5, and use the money to buy more yarn for my donated ones.

    Hugs to you and your aunt!

    Comment by jmillen | April 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Kim, I think it’s wonderful that you have had such a great response. Good job!

    Comment by goldthreads | April 12, 2008 | Reply

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