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Did ya miss me?

Hello one and all!  I’m back from a very much enjoyed (and needed) 9 night cruise to the caribbean aboard the Crown Princess (aka the Tipper ship–I’m happy to report, there was no excessive tipping while I was onboard).  It seems like forever since I last posted.  So many bizarre bad things happened the day before we left–I think I had meant to post that evening, but alas, the forces of evil were upon me.  The day before we left for the cruise, I #1 lost my main credit card, #2 couldn’t find my formal gown–you know the little black dress that we all have hidden in our closets for just such occasions–gone!  missing! and #3 my washing machine died on me, mid-cycle during an intensive last minute effort to wash my clothes before packing–I mean we’re talking 9PM and I was still trying to wash clothes to pack.  I’m not ordinarily that unorganized and planned on having the wash done earlier that day, but most of my day was wasted trying to find my credit card (we’re pretty sure it was just lost and not stolen) then cancelling the credit card.  It was the trifecta of bad things, but all turned out ok in the end.

There were 13 of us family members on the trip, my husband’s siblings and families, his mom and my parents.  We had adjoining balconies and I must say, most everyone behaved rather well.  Well, DD had some attitude in the beginning of the trip and barely ate a thing all week, but after we asked everyone to lay off the sweets and treats, things got a lot better in that department, lol.  The food was fabulous, wish I could say the weather was equally so 😦  The torrential rains, however, did not stop us from shopping for jewelry in St Thomas or Coach and Dooney & Burke purses in San Juan 😉   I did not even pack knitting with me–I know, I know, that sounds horrible.  But experience told me travelling with a toddler and that much family would not leave an ounce of “relaxation” time, it’s always go go go.  I did purchase a book light and brought two books with me on the trip, I finished The Secret Life of Bees and started The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.  (My swaps thru have really been coming thru for me and I have a stack of books I am dying to read.  I was even able to get one of my MOMS Club book club books thru it and it arrived while I was away.  If you check out the website and decide to join, please tell them I referred you–my email addy is princesspeanutsmommy at gmail dot com–thank!)

I need to start gathering items for my Virtual Vacation Swap pal.  She’s very interesting and can’t wait to post her identity on my blog to share with you.  She’ll be famous soon, too…After I finish my gazillion loads of laundry (our new washer arrived this evening and I have already done 3 loads, but 9 days away in the hot caribbean with dresses and a couple of outfit changes a day makes for a ton of laundry!!  I don’t think I will be done for a day or two!)  I will have to start trolling around for local trinkets and souvenirs.  I already have her yarn for her simple project ready to go, just need to add the other fun stuff 🙂

Also, super happy to report that even though I was not careful AT ALL on vacation, and it was 10 days, 9 nights of amazing food, I only gained 0.2 pounds!  I think I am the happiest person that gained weight ever, lol.  I was really worrying that I would gain a ton on the cruise and throw away those few pounds that I already lost while on WW, but this was pretty insignificant.  It must have been all that walking and carrying DD everywhere!  Hooray for me, lol!


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Another contest to win a free hotsling

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Check out this link to win a free hotsling!

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It’s a sick day

But not for me. DD is all stuffed up with congestion and a nasty cough. I will be home for the next few days tending to her illness. Hopefully, DH and I will stay clear of the bug, but it’s kind of impossible to do when she wants to be cuddled and comforted all the time.

Co-taught a fixing mistakes class yesterday at the Wooly Monmouth ( ). It went better than I expected. It’s times like this I realize, I really have learned so much these past few years–my grandmother would have been so proud!

Last week I taught 5 moms from my MOMS club how to knit–now that was a challenge! There were no babysitters and everyone had their kids along–what a zoo! They each had to make a 12X12″ square that will be joined into a blanket for one of the moms who is moving away. Most of the squares were ok, but I had to rip one out to about 2 ” and reknit it–it started to look like a trapezoid! Also, OTN is the baby cardigan for a dear friend who just had her baby girl. I want to finish that up before I go to visit in the next week or two.

DD’s birthday party was a success–everyone seemed to have a great time. DD behaved so well (on barely a nap) and seemed to know that everyone was there for her, lol. She looked absolutely adorable in her party dress, just like a princess, and she didn’t take her hair bow out at all! It totally boggles my mind that last year at this time, she was not even 6 pounds and so tiny and helpless, and now, she’s growing up so fast and on the verge of walking. She says so many words now, too.

I just entered a contest at . You should enter, too, and could win a free hotsling or moby wrap. I love wearing DD, especially for long walks, you should try it, too!

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