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A jumble of stuff

Wow it’s been busy here, the end of summer is approaching and I always feel a little frantic at this point.  I want to spend as much time with my nieces and nephew as possible before they go back to school.  They participate in so many activities and carry such a load of schoolwork and then work on top of it, I feel like I barely get any time with them 😦  We had dinner with them all last night and went to the beach with my nephew on Monday and shopping with him at Target yesterday–he plays so nicely with DD, I feel like she is going to be missing her friend next week when he returns to school…Our new favorite game to play is guitar hero on playstation–totally rad and awesome, dude!  And they have 80’s music–the stuff I grew up on–can you say hair metal bands?  Funny, I still love listening to it…

I’ve been on a cleaning binge around here and freecycled a TON of stuff!!  I got rid of a bag of Plymouth Encore yarns and some various others to a very nice new knitter that I hope joins our local knitting group.  She’s such a newbie and so nice, I felt compelled to look for any gadgets and patterns that I no longer wanted and she ended up with a nice large bag of knitterly stuff.  And I felt great about it!  And, this cleared more room on my shelves to provide for better visualization of the stash–of most importance!  I also parted with, gulp, a large assortment of scrapbooking magazines.  This was very hard for me–I don’t know why.  I subscribed to so many and I never got to look through them and I never go back to those that I did, so I don’t know why I feel bad or why I kept them, but I would say about 100 magazines along with an old craft tote have also left the premises.  I feel good about it,  I really do, I actually have a path to my closet now.  I also organized stuff to bring to my MOMS club benefit garage sale and stowed some things away for my parent’s garage sale next year.  Watch out, hubby, your closet is next!!  HA ha ha!

On the creative front, I finally redid my mom’s double stranded Swarovski bracelet, one strand says MOM and the other says NANA, I replaced the claps with a heart-shaped toggle that we found in San Juan, of all places, and she can put it on and off better now.  I also added some “owl eyes”, double strand spacers, to stabilize the two strands better.  I am much pleased with the results.  I also made a gaggle of stitch markers for my KVVS pal–DD helped to pick out the colors for me–hope she likes purple a lot!  LOL   I even got to spend some time with my fellow knitters this past Tuesday at B&N–I brought with me the beaded scarf, frogged it and restarted it.  I know this is premature in saying this, but since I have been doing pretty well at WW and have lost close to 15 pounds now (!!!!!), I’m hesitant to continue on the first and only cardigan I have ever started to knit for myself.  I started it last year and have been plugging away at it whenever I can, I would say it’s about 6 or 8 inches high at this point, but it’s the entire circumference of the cardigan, remember, the Cabin Fever pattern is knit in one piece to the arm holes and then splits apart.  Would you stop and wait and see and later frog what you did and start over?  That would so bite to have to frog it all, but if it’s too big it would look silly.  I guess I should stick to knitting accessories for myself for now….

And since I eluded to it, today was weigh in day at WW and I lost another 2.4 pounds bringing the grand total to 14.8!!  Yippee!!  Several of my pants are already feeling too big and I have a belt for those I can try to make last longer.  I’m quite proud and hope this week will be another banner one–despite Labor Day picnics….I better get to the beach again–I think all that walking on the sand and carrying tons of stuff back and forth to get to the perfect beach spot really helped me this past week…and it doesn’t hurt my tan, either 😉

My package went out today to my KVVS pal, and my pal said my package went out yesterday.  Watch for pics soon….


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Anyone else need a vacation from their vacation?

Well, it’s been 3 days since I returned home from our 9 day family cruise. There were 14 of us and it was hectic!! I can’t see over the pile of laundry that needs to be put away–at least almost everything is cleaned (still need to make a run to the dry cleaners). Cruising with a toddler is….. different, to say the least. It certainly is not as relaxing as our cruises past, but it was fun to see things through her eyes. Since DD had just learned to walk 3 weeks before we left, she was still a bit of a novice, and that made me on edge the whole time. She took 3 major spills, the first one before we even left port! But she recovered just fine and it has not deterred her one bit! I managed to read one book while we were away (The Nanny Diaries–beware, I did not think it was nearly as funny as I have heard. In fact, I found it disturbing and sad), but I barely knit. I don’t know why I didn’t get to do any knitting. It just didn’t happen. I did get to be a bit creative, though. They held scrapbooking classes, which I attended as much as possible, and arts and crafts classes. The one class I really enjoyed was making a beaded bookmark. Let’s just hope for all our sake I don’t get addicted to that, too. Although I am taking my nieces to the local bead store tomorrow to make some jewelry

Anyway, we woke up every morning and all DD would say was “Water, water, water” and she would pop herself up on the ledge by the porthole and sit herself down and watch the waves. She had a difficult time sitting still during dinner (who am I kidding, I found it hard to sit still for 2 hours, too!) and we would all take turns bringing her outside the restaurant to walk back and forth and back and forth. I guess that was a major advantage to having a large group with us–many entertainers!

So it is a few days until I close the contest for the sock yarn. I definitely have not made up my mind who the winners are, so there’s still time to join in the contest. I hope everyone will be pleased with their yarn and happy knitting!

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Well, it’s a few days before our cruise, and I find myself shopping like crazy!! I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but everything I buy seems to be something we need terribly (OK, except for the few toys I bought for DD, but they were all on sale–how could I resist?). It must be the stress of getting ready and not knowing how the vacation will go. I even went back on my word and started another project off my USO list. I’m ashamed, really. I have justified it with the fact that I want/need to bring only small projects on the cruise and everything seems to have a lot of yarn to go with it. I am bringing along the beaded scarf kit, which can be seen here: . I chose a lovely shade of pink rayon and clear crystals, which sparkle like diamonds on it. I only have a few rows done, but I am already liking how it will turn out. It is tedious, though, so I hope I won’t get frustrated by it while I am away with nothing else to knit–maybe I should pack a back up….

I am so happy that my SNB group is going to have a nighttime get-together that is close enough to me. I hope to make this a regular occasion and actually get a significant amount of knitting done. It will also be good to just get away for a night–I need that now and then. It never ceases to amaze me how much more refreshed I am when I come back from being away from everyone for a little bit. I think it makes me a better mom, and a better wife, when I get some alone time. I know everyone tells you that you should be selfish and have a time set aside for yourself, but it’s hard to do. You get caught up with cleaning, taking care of the baby, washing clothes, cooking and a million other mundane errands and chores. It’s hard to get away, but then when I do…watch out! I am going like a mile a minute–shopping, knitting, whatever it may be. So that is my piece of advice for tonight–take time out for yourself–you do have the right to be selfish. In fact, I made a pact with myself after my DD was born, that they only people I will knit for is myself and my daughter. Up until now, I have mostly given everything away that I knit. I have nothing to show for all my hard work, etc, and I don’t think anyone has even bothered to send me a picture of them wearing/using the knitted gifts I have given them anyway. So, for all of you that want permission to do it, I say “Be selfish” ‘cuz noone is going to do it for you!

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