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Virtual Vacation Swap Package arrives and other lifely stuff

FUNDRAISER REMINDER:   Fundraising for my local Children’s library is now underway.  Please visit my website at 25% of the total will go directly to the library, please use event code 276577 when ordering.  For all you knitters, the satin hands pampering set is the best thing for dry hands!!!!!


Well, before I go into anything else, I wanted to post a pic of all my goodies my Virtual Vacation Swap pal sent me from Cali.  Somehow I knew she was from CA, just from the time she said she was going to take short trips all over her state to pick up some things for me–I just knew.  Anyway, here’s the loot (conspicuously missing are the Jelly Belly jelly beans which DD believed to be her’s and she decided to share them with daddy only–that’s ok, I think it’s not on my WW plan, anyway, lol):

So a big thank you to my pal, who can be found at:   Keep warm and sunny by the beach–you lucky dawg, you!

Speaking of WW, I lost a whopping 5 pounds this past week!  Yippee!  I am fast approaching my first goal of 25 pounds, which I am hoping to meet this week.   I spent the past few days trying on old clothes and thinning out (no pun intended) my closet.  I actually like looking in there and seeing less clothes to deal with.  Anything that is too big and unreasonable to belt or not good enough to have altered is going in a nice pile for donation or the garage sale.  It is quite a nice feeling to be doing that!  Wish me luck this week!

Book update:  I just finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards.  It was just ok for me.  Good premise to the story, had the making for a great book, but I just wasn’t invested in the charachters at all–couldn’t feel for them.  I also recently finished The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.  Wow, a quick read, simple writing, but so powerful.  It is not often a book will get me to cry (I didn’t cry when Dumbledore died even!), but at the end of this book I was sobbing.  Moving, truly moving.  ‘Nuff said.  I also finished up Dry by Augusten Burroughs, this was  a sequel to his Running with Scissors.  To sum it up, it’s like a soap opera on drugs.  It was a quick read, moved from one thing to another, but it didn’t do much for me–I didn’t particularly enjoy his first book either.  Oh well.  Not sure if I wrote about Water for Elephants, but I finished that a bit ago as well.  I would say that Water for Elephants and Middlesex by Jefferey Eugenides are two of my all time favorite books I have ever read.  Almost as soon as I put down Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I picked up The Alchemist by Paul Coellho.  I don’t know much about this book at all except it was featured in the NYT bestsellers email newsletter and I immediatly put it up on my wish list  (if you decide to join, please use my email addy as your referral  princesspeanutsmommy at gmail dot com–thanks!).  Within a week I had gotten a copy and I’m going to give it a try.  It’s relatively short (<200 pages), so I should be able to let you know what I think of it pretty soon.  I also picked up Night by Elie Wiesel at a garage sale last week.  I remembered it was an Oprah book club pick, so I thought I would check this out as well.  It is also less than 200 pages, so I will post about that asap.

I must be super-duper sleep-deprived the past few weeks (which I kind of am, trying to work at night while DD is sleeping–she is giving up her naps of late–can you hear my screaming and ripping out my hair as we speak?), and I am really hoping to make my fundraiser for the library a great success, so I have been working extra hard on that, too.  But for the life of me, I am having such a time knitting DD’s sweaters sleeves–it’s ridiculous!  It’s a 10 row pattern repeat, simple increases and I am doing both sleeves at the same time so I only need to figure this out once, but for the life of me, I have had more mistakes on these stupid sleeves than almost anything else I have ever knitted.  It is making me want to put it on hold for a bit and pick up some Christmas knitting for a while, but I really want to finish this off.   Speaking of Christmas knitting, the winner of my contest should be getting her package shortly and I apologize for the delay in mailing it.  I completely forgot to grab the box with all your goodies when I left the house for the post office last week–sorry!  It’s in the proverbial mail now–enjoy!

Well, DD has finally started to seek out the potty.  It’s an exciting time here with lots of potty DVD’s and books, running around half naked all the time and doing the potty dance.  Good luck little peanut, enjoy your new freedom–but don’t grow up too fast!  Her new question of the week is whether she is big enough to do something, and if she isn’t old enough, she asks if someday she will be big enough to do it.  That’s usually followed by her stating that she wants to “be big like you, mommy” and it breaks my heart a little bit every time she says it.  Life goes by so fast!!  I tell her not to grow up too fast, stay little for me, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.  Sigh…

TTFN, blog at ya later!


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Contest reminder and a whole lot of other stuff!

CONTEST REMINDER:  You have until 9/15/07 to send me links or reference me to your favorite quick knit and/or felt patterns for my Christmas gifts this year.  The prize package is coming along nicely and one person will be randomly drawn to receive it.  I only have one entrant in the contest so far, so let’s give her some competition! (Although I am most grateful for her suggestions and will be trying out a few–thanks! 🙂  )

As you have read me mention, I have been on a little cleaning frenzy of late.  Now I don’t want to give you the wrong impression, this is not the dusting, scrubbing, house-a-sparklin’ kind of cleaning, this is the let-me-organize-my-craft-room-so-I-can-enjoy-myself-and-my-crafts-more kind of cleaning.  Oh sure, I have vaccumed and attempt to keep the kitchen cleaned up, but there is no dusting or waxing going on over here–not to worry, lol.  When it comes to cleaning, Martha Stewart, I ain’t!  But maybe this is also giving you the wrong impression, it’s not a pigsty over here, either.  Just not all parts of the house are clean at the same time, this week I’ll concentrate on this room, next week another room.  And you know, when you have a toddler and a husband, that by the time you are on to the next room cleaning, the previous room is already messed up–it’s a losing battle!  So this is my quest to find the floor in my crafting room/home office.  This is the room where everything that doesn’t have a home gets dumped, our bookshelves are in there, my desk and stock of Mary Kay items (which is very organized in a 4 drawer cabinet), my drafting table, a bureau (stuffed with yarn), my daughter’s easel for fingerpainting and a nice big closet that my dad put shelves in earlier this year.  I’m happy to say I see some floor space now and my drafting table is clear.  My yarn stash is condensed to 2 very large rubbermaid totes and the bureau.  All my magazines and knitting books have made it onto the closet shelves along with my scrapbooking supplies and pictures, the totes are in the bottom of the closet along with a tote filled with future gifts (I’m big on buying stuff when I see it and then putting it away until needed–wish I could say I was nearly done with Christmas shopping, but that hasn’t seemed to happen), and a tote filled with some of DH’s “stuff” (not sure what is in there, but it’s his). 

The other day, during DD’s nap, I was on a ball-winding kick and I took out all my yarn in hanks and wound them up into nice little pancakes.  Then organized them by potential project in my totes.  One entire tote is filled with just “felting” yarns that I have acquired throughout my knitting life and don’t actually have a specific project attached to them.  The other tote is filled with specific projects, as is the bureau.  During my yarn organization, I came across a stash of sock yarns.  A rather lot of sock yarns.  So I decided to count them.  I have 17 pairs’ worth of sock yarns.  I don’t even knit socks–I know, that’s usually heresy to say in the knitting world, but I don’t see the attraction.  Maybe if I could finish the first sock I ever tried to knit, I would like it, but it just doesn’t grab me, don’t know why.  So now I have a lot of sock yarns.  I should sell them, but I don’t really want to, they’re pretty yarns.  Guess I’m gonna have to figure out a way to like to knit socks 🙂

While I’m already talking about knitting, I might as well update you on DD’s sweater.  The back is completed and I will be casting on the front today.  I will add picture of the back of the sweater to this post later today–forgot to bring the camera upstairs to download picture.  I’m rather pleased with how it looks and it’s nice and soft.  I hope she won’t be swimming in it and I can get some pictures right away in her new sweater.  When it’s all done, we’ll have to go shopping for just the right pants or skirt to match.

So those of you with toddlers or babies, kids in general, I gotta a question for you.  Is there some kind of phenomena that goes like this?  When DD takes a nap, I run around the house straightening, reading email, cleaning up messes, doing a bunch of chores and then, just when I get a nice hot cup of tea, settle onto the couch with either a book, knitting and my IPOD or start a movie/TiVo’s program that I can’t watch with a toddler around ;-), she wakes up!  This happens every time!  It’s so frustrating!  Literally the moment I get settled and am about to enjoy a free minute, she starts crying.  Do they have some kind of relaxation-detection system?  It’s not fair, I’m going to just have to not clean today so I can get a few minutes to myself, lol.

Wednesday we went out to the grocery store, just a quick drop in for 3 items and I checked out using the self-checkout–much faster and DD likes to “help” me scan the items.  DD was sitting in the shopping cart, scanning her soup cans and her Bear (her constant companion, goes with her everywhere, she sleeps, eats and breathes with it, Bear) falls on the floor and neither of us notices as we are scanning our items and trying to keep the line moving.  A “gentleman”, and I do use that term loosely, tries to push his cart past us to leave.  His shopping cart snags and won’t go, something is caught under his cart, he stops and looks under the wheels of the cart and out of the corner of my eye, I see it’s Bear under one of the wheels and he sees it, too.  So what does he do?  Backs the cart up and pushes over it with  greater force and runs right over her Bear.  Of course, DD shreiks when she realizes this and the guy doesn’t even stop, offer to pick it up or apologizes, just moves on.  What an asshole!  I’m torn between feeling sorry for DD and horrified that she wants to hold and clutch it after it was just ground into the dirty floor of a grocery store and wheel of a shopping cart.  Thankfully, I keep a spare Bear in the glove compartment and I pretended to give Bear a bandaid and switched them when she wasn’t looking.  What is wrong with people–are we really that self-centered that we can’t help a fellow stranger any more?  It reminds me of the day when the Harry Potter book was released.  I took DD to B&N during the day because they have a story time there and we were going to meet my SIL’s and nieces and nephew for lunch right next to it.  Well, it being the day of the book release there was a line of people outside the store waiting for B&N to hand out the wrist bands to come back later for the party and to purchase their book.  Now this was at 11 am and there was already a short line of older teenagers and one older lady.  Because they took up so much of the sidewalk and there was a lot of traffic that day, I had to walk very close to the curb, while trying to keep DD on the sidewalk so as not to get run over.  Well, long story short, I stepped on the curb, twisted my ankle and fell, taking DD down with me and my entire purse scattered over the road of the shopping mall.  Do you know, not one person, not one single person even bothered to look up or get out of their lawn chair and come over to help us, mind you DD was crying at this point, not b/c she was injured, but she was scared and I was scraped up and she didn’t like that.  Finally after I got up and picked up all my things from the road while trying to keep DD safe and consoling her, finally the older lady called from her chair “Are you all right?”  A little late to be asking that, if you ask me, but at least she pretended to care.  Give me a break–boo hiss HP fans at the B&N in Holmdel, most certainly NOT worthy of Gryffindor or Hufflepuff OR Ravenclaw, it was decidely Slytherin!

Well, I have two more updates for you.  I’m sorry this was such a long post, I guess I have a lot to say today, lol.  The first is last night at WW I weighed in another 2.6 pounds lighter!!  Whopppeee!  That makes the grand total 17.4 pounds in 8 weeks, totally psyched about that.  The next is a book club update.  I’m sorry to say I never got the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson for September’s book club and I hear it’s a little dry, so it wouldn’t be something I could fly through in a week’s time, so I think I will not be reading this book for this month’s book club meeting.  October’s book is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, which I suggested and loved!  November’s book I am a little worried about.  It’s called Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood.  If anyone out there has read it, please leave me a comment and tell me it gets better!!  This has been so boring, I would honestly rather clean the dishes than read it.  Now that is a bad thing, lol.  I put it on the back burner and picked up the December book, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.  I won’t tell you what it is about since they make such a big deal about keeping it a secret, but honestly, I had a pretty good guess what it was going to be and all my hunches were confirmed in the first chapter, so I’m not sure why the big secrecy.  But anyway, at least this is reading along quickly and I assume I will be done with it sometime next week.  I have been getting books right and left from and I am thoroughly pleased with this group!  I got rid of a ton of my old books that noone wanted to buy and picked up a lot for me and half a dozen or so for DD.  She gets so excited when I get the mail, she thinks she’s getting a new book every day, lol. 

Well, I think I have blogged at you enough for one post.  I will be back soon with more picks of sweater, I hope.  TTFN!

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Did ya miss me?

Hello one and all!  I’m back from a very much enjoyed (and needed) 9 night cruise to the caribbean aboard the Crown Princess (aka the Tipper ship–I’m happy to report, there was no excessive tipping while I was onboard).  It seems like forever since I last posted.  So many bizarre bad things happened the day before we left–I think I had meant to post that evening, but alas, the forces of evil were upon me.  The day before we left for the cruise, I #1 lost my main credit card, #2 couldn’t find my formal gown–you know the little black dress that we all have hidden in our closets for just such occasions–gone!  missing! and #3 my washing machine died on me, mid-cycle during an intensive last minute effort to wash my clothes before packing–I mean we’re talking 9PM and I was still trying to wash clothes to pack.  I’m not ordinarily that unorganized and planned on having the wash done earlier that day, but most of my day was wasted trying to find my credit card (we’re pretty sure it was just lost and not stolen) then cancelling the credit card.  It was the trifecta of bad things, but all turned out ok in the end.

There were 13 of us family members on the trip, my husband’s siblings and families, his mom and my parents.  We had adjoining balconies and I must say, most everyone behaved rather well.  Well, DD had some attitude in the beginning of the trip and barely ate a thing all week, but after we asked everyone to lay off the sweets and treats, things got a lot better in that department, lol.  The food was fabulous, wish I could say the weather was equally so 😦  The torrential rains, however, did not stop us from shopping for jewelry in St Thomas or Coach and Dooney & Burke purses in San Juan 😉   I did not even pack knitting with me–I know, I know, that sounds horrible.  But experience told me travelling with a toddler and that much family would not leave an ounce of “relaxation” time, it’s always go go go.  I did purchase a book light and brought two books with me on the trip, I finished The Secret Life of Bees and started The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.  (My swaps thru have really been coming thru for me and I have a stack of books I am dying to read.  I was even able to get one of my MOMS Club book club books thru it and it arrived while I was away.  If you check out the website and decide to join, please tell them I referred you–my email addy is princesspeanutsmommy at gmail dot com–thank!)

I need to start gathering items for my Virtual Vacation Swap pal.  She’s very interesting and can’t wait to post her identity on my blog to share with you.  She’ll be famous soon, too…After I finish my gazillion loads of laundry (our new washer arrived this evening and I have already done 3 loads, but 9 days away in the hot caribbean with dresses and a couple of outfit changes a day makes for a ton of laundry!!  I don’t think I will be done for a day or two!)  I will have to start trolling around for local trinkets and souvenirs.  I already have her yarn for her simple project ready to go, just need to add the other fun stuff 🙂

Also, super happy to report that even though I was not careful AT ALL on vacation, and it was 10 days, 9 nights of amazing food, I only gained 0.2 pounds!  I think I am the happiest person that gained weight ever, lol.  I was really worrying that I would gain a ton on the cruise and throw away those few pounds that I already lost while on WW, but this was pretty insignificant.  It must have been all that walking and carrying DD everywhere!  Hooray for me, lol!

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Finished Deathly Hallows–not gonna spoil it for you!

Whew!  My copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows arrived safely at my mailbox on Saturday around 4:30PM.  I gotta hand it to the US Postal service this time–it seems they had a Harry Potter mailman.  That’s right, there was our regular mailman delivering our regular mail, then a second mailman came along not too long after with my package of reading.  Hey, I doubted it would make it here on time, but they actually pulled it off.  Kudos guys, ‘cuz if it didn’t show up, I would have gotten in my car and driven until I could find the nearest copy and sat down and started to read until they dragged me away.  I’m not going to tell you how it ended or who died ( I don’t understand all these people who don’t read the books and don’t want to read the books, but want to know who died anyway.  Kind of strange, I don’t tell them) and I am dying to talk to some other people who finished it, but I know of only one other person so far and we’ve already talked about it, lol.  Anyway, now that I have practically abandoned my house and home for Harry, I need to get back to cleaning it up and putting away clean clothes and cooking, I really need to start cooking real meals again.  It had to come to an end at some point.  Hubby was rather tolerant as I completely blocked him out and played with DD while still attached to the book in some way.  I’m also pretty happy that I was able to read to the end without someone telling me what happens–that was my greatest fear.  Went to my MOM’s Club book club today and we discussed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Marc Haddon.  Interesting quick read.  We picked more books out for the rest of the year and for January and February, too.  I started reading Water for Elephants last night and am enjoying it so far.  I need to make a Border’s run for a couple of the other books, how convenient that they just sent me coupons via email a mere second ago…

Since Harry arrived in my mailbox, there has been no knitting going on.  Or scrapbooking.  But I am having my MOM’s club scrapbooking meeting at my house this Friday…I am rejoining the muggle world, slowly but surely….TTFN.

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I’m a bad secret pal, but I’m still gonna be a godmother! :-)

My poor SP10 buddy has waited long and hard for me to finally post a picture of my final package.  I meant to do it a long time ago, then when I sat down at the computer the other day to upload the picture, I realized I left my camera at my best friend’s house after visiting them and the new baby.  Sorry–it’s been a crazy week or so here…I’ll post it now:


Isn’t the cotton gorgeous?  I think I will make DD a cardigan out of it for this winter.  I kind of blew off knitting for her last winter ‘cuz she was growing so fast I was afraid she would outgrow anything I made her too quickly.  She’s wearing a 2-3T now, so if I make it in a 4T, I think I will be safe.  My pal even included color coordinated stitch markers for the project!  They are so pretty and even have little bells on them–I definitely don’t own stitch markers this fancy–I’m going to have to dress up a bit whenever I knit with them, lol.  There was also a cute keychain in there and originally TWO kit kats, but I inhaled the other one during a weak moment, lol.  My pal was  and she was awesome!!  Anyone to have her as a pal is definitely in for a treat!  And her little one is adorable, too 😉

Speaking of little ones–I’m gonna be a godmother!!  I mentioned earlier that my best friend has a new baby at home–he’s 9 days old now and so cuddly!  I’ve gotten to see him 3 times already and hold him and cuddle.  His mommy surprised me the other day by asking me to be his godmother–I was so shocked, touched and excited all at the same time.  I’ve never been a godmother before, so I hope I live up to expectations.

On the knitting front, I picked up my braids cardigan again and have been knitting away on it.  It’s going much quicker now and I’ve switched it to my new knitpicks needles with a longer cable and it’s much more enjoyable to knit on now.  So glad I got my knitpicks options!  I still have to make fringe on my artyarns scarf, but need to do it while DD is sleeping (which she hasn’t done a lot of lately–molars?) ‘cuz I know she will be grabbing the little fringe pieces and making a run for it.  She still likes to use the needles I gave her and some scrap yarn to pretend to knit with mommy–who knows, maybe she will be the youngest knitter yet?  A mom can dream, can’t she?  LOL

I am sooo excited to get the final Harry Potter book in my hands–especially since it will arrive shortly before our whole family leaves for a 9 day cruise to the caribbean.  I know my SIL and I will be reading it the whole time, if I don’t pull all-nighters and finish it before we even leave!  I’ve finished all my book club books thru September and even read another one (The Pilot’s Wife–please comment if you read this–I have a question about the ending–thanks!).  I ordered Water for Elephants and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter to read when done with Harry.  I picked up Cold Sassy Tree again the other day as I don’t want to start anything I can’t finish before the 21st.  I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get into this book!  I have a feeling something big is just about to happen in it soon, so maybe it will go faster….I looked over my bookshelf the other day of books that I have bought in anticipation of reading, but haven’t gotten to reading yet.  I seem to have these big huge novels left–I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb, My Life by Bill Clinton (I don’t know why–just thought this would be an interesting read, but I’m not a political person at all…), Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, Beach Music by Pat Conroy (one of my most favorite authors, btw), Angela’s Ashes, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, 2 novels by Eileen Goudge (I liked her first book, thought I would enjoy these, too), a book someone freecycled to me called Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie and a 3 in one book by Jane Austen.  This is not including all the books by Ann Rice I haven’t gotten to.  I lost track of the vampire chronicles, read the first witch novel (and LOVED it, btw), but then I got confused at to what went next, then she merged the two stories–I am hopelessly lost at this point, lol.  I should really go to her website and get these in order and try to plow thru them sometime.  I would really love to have this book shelf cleared off by the end of the year if not by next July–I will make this my goal!

Well, I think I’m gonna hit the shower before DD wakes up.  We need to take her for new shoes before the cruise–her sandals we just bought her started rubbing on her foot and leaving a mark, so out they go!  She outgrows shoes faster than clothes, lol!  I might even sneak over to see my godson (boy that feels nice to say) and maybe look into a WW meeting, gulp.  I only have 9 months or so until my sister’s wedding and I have to squeeze into a matron of honor dress.  Her best friend is a stick with no boobs and I’m gonna look like Dolly Parton next to her, sigh….Later!

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A post about libraries, books and

This past week I had my MOMS Club book club meeting and we discussed The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  As I guessed, most of us found the book dark and quickly read it to be done with it,  but we all had many things to discuss about it, and isn’t that the point of the book club?  Although I didn’t enjoy reading the book, I have to say, I have thought more about that book after reading it than any other book I have ever read, so McCarthy definitely reached his goal there.  We picked the next book (for September–the July and August books I’ve already finished reading) and decided on Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.  It’s also the Oprah book club book and I just finished reading it Thursday night.  I absolutely loved it!!  I loved the charachters, couldn’t wait to keep reading it whenever I had the time, and was sad when it had to end. 

In order to keep my house as decluttered as I can, I am giving this website a try to recycle my books tell them kdy12570 sent you.  I simply do not have the room to keep all the books I have read and I know I will never read them again, so after I pass them on to friend’s and family, if they come back to me, I’m going to release them into the wild and see where they go.  It’s a neat concept, check it out.

After a quick trip to the post office, I took DD to the library yesterday.  I had to get a new library card (they updated their system) and it came with a little keychain card, which DD promptly took and claimed as her very own.  She told her daddy(over and over and over), “I have a little library card and mommy has a BIG library card”, this is said in quite a dramatic tone.  Once that was done, I took her to the children’s section to see her favorite librarian, Miss S to sign up for the summer reading club and their craft program.  DD believes Miss S lives at the library and whenever she finds out we are going there, asks “We’re going to see Miss S?  We’re going to Miss S’s house?”  Try as I have, I cannot convince her that Miss S doesn’t live there, oh well.  Anyway, she is the most wonderful children’s librarian you could ever ask for.  Provides great programs for babies, toddlers and older kids, when other larger community libraries in the area just offer story times for older children.  This is a small library, really small, and she just does amazing stuff for them.  But it’s not just that, she remembers all the kids names, speaks to them on their level, remains so calm while 20-30 screaming kids are running all around her.  Two weeks ago, when I brought DD in to make the father’s day craft at the libary, she carried along with her the felted hedgehog.  Miss S talked to her about the hedgehog, went over to a wall of books, barely looking, she plucked out a book that had a hedgehog in it.  Yesterday when we went back, she remembered the book she got for us and asked us about it–amazing memory, amazing lady.  I feel extremely and incredibly lucky to have this library in my community.  So, moral of the story–stop by and support your local library.  I am almost positive they are way underpaid and underappreciated for what they do.  TTFN!

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A little of this and a little of that

Well, I am sitting down to write a post, and I don’t really have anything specific in mind to write.  Usually there is something I want to tell about or post a picture or something, but not today.  So do forgive if this post seems rambling-on-about-nothing.

Need to finish up the fringe on my Artyarns scarf, but it looks gorgeous and can’t wait to finish it up.  I dug up another old UFO and will try to complete that–the blue shawl.  I just grabbed about 4 or 5 skeins of complimentary color yarns (they are all different types of yarns, furry, boucle, mohair-ish) and have been knitting miles of garter stitch in a lengthwise fashion–much the same as the scarf I just finished from Artyarns.  I don’t know why all of the sudden knitting all that garter appeals to me, usually I shy away from something like that and really want stitch patterns and definition and something a little more challenging.  But lately, no, knit after knit after knit, seems just fine with me.  I have been looking up blogs from the Virtual Vacation Swap to complete my bingo card (don’t ya just love swap games–they really do make things interesting!) and of course, I’ve found a few dozen more patterns that I would like to acquire and make.  One was for some more felted critters, and I think I might have to get those.  I am really, REALLY trying to not buy any more yarn and to knit from my stash, but if I had to get a skein or two to make some of these,shop.browse/category_id,1/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,1/ 

I’ve been taking DD to some summery activities.  On Monday we went to the beach–she had a blast!  I love going there with her, she is in pure heaven, sand, water, no computer or phones or TV, just one on one time with mom and toys, snacks and drinks in the cooler and a pop up tent to hang out in when the sun gets too hot.  What more could you want?  I didn’t bring a bathing suit for me, thinking it would be too cold to go in the water yet, but I was wrong–it felt great!  Next time, we’ll both be in the water for sure.  Tuesday, we went to a local water park and picnic lunch.  On the way home we stopped for some ice cream–I got the cutest picture of her with chocolate all over her little face and the most contented, angelic little smile–I could eat her up!  Man do I wish we lived somewhere where it’s like summer all year round….these are truly magical days for us.  Since we spent so much time outside and it was raining and I didn’t feel like going out, on Wednesday DD and I cleaned and organized my bedroom and closet.  That was practically a whole morning event, lol.  I feel so much better now that it’s straightened up.  I need to spend more days doing that, but the beach is so much more fun….

Next week is book club for our MOMS Club.  We’ll be discussing The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  Don’t have much to say about it.  I know it won the Pulitzer, but honestly, it’s so dreadful to me, I just wanted to finish it asap!  I know if I wanted to re-read it I could find all sorts of analogies and hidden meanings, etc, but I passed it on almost immediately to someone else and don’t care if I ever get it back!  Since I read all the books our club has picked out for the summer already and the new Harry Potter book isn’t out yet…I decided to pick up the next Oprah book club book, since it sounded so interesting.  It’s called Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides and it is ASTOUNDING!  I really am enjoying this book and I am only halfway done. 

Well, I’m having the carpet cleaned in the am and it is super-late, so I’m going to sign off for now.  Till we meet next time–keep knitting, reading, playing with your kids or whatever makes you happy!

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Book Club–The Road

Well, I was so looking forward to my next book club book….that is until I started to actually read this book.  How utterly depressing!  I know I am way outnumbered by all the people who are oohing and ahhing over this book, but I honestly had a sour face on the whole time I read it.  I read it in record time, btw, once I finally got past the first 20 pages (all I kept thinking is, is this all they are going to be doing the whole book, just walking on the same road?) and at a certain point, I was determined to keep reading and finish it just to be done with it.  So gruesome and dark, so not my book.  Oh well, I can’t love them all!  Our next book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.  I have already started it and it’s a quick read as well.  Should be interesting……Cold Sassy Tree is still waiting on my bedside table for me to pick up again.  Maybe after this book I will do just that.

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Book Club today

Today my MOMS Club Book Club met to discuss The Kite Runner and pick out the three books we will read over the summer.  We picked The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (my suggestion), The Road by Cormac McCarthy and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.  I’m wondering if anyone else has read any of these books and what their thoughts were.  Am I yet again happily abandoning the Cold Sassy Tree for The Road as soon as it arrives from 🙂 

DH is out with a coworker visiting from TX tonight (actually last night he was out, too) and DD and I are being creative.  She’s finger painting and I am organizing scrapbooking space.  I just realized that so far this year I have not bought any yarn–gasp!!  I was going to join the Knit from Your Stash-a-long, but I haven’t really had any time for knitting either, let alone shop for new yarn.  This must stop!  I joined SP10 and I am not even really knitting.  Tonight after the little one is in bed, I promise to knit until I pass out.  I also need to join the scrap from your stash group, too….

Blog at ya later!

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