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A jumble of stuff

Wow it’s been busy here, the end of summer is approaching and I always feel a little frantic at this point.  I want to spend as much time with my nieces and nephew as possible before they go back to school.  They participate in so many activities and carry such a load of schoolwork and then work on top of it, I feel like I barely get any time with them 😦  We had dinner with them all last night and went to the beach with my nephew on Monday and shopping with him at Target yesterday–he plays so nicely with DD, I feel like she is going to be missing her friend next week when he returns to school…Our new favorite game to play is guitar hero on playstation–totally rad and awesome, dude!  And they have 80’s music–the stuff I grew up on–can you say hair metal bands?  Funny, I still love listening to it…

I’ve been on a cleaning binge around here and freecycled a TON of stuff!!  I got rid of a bag of Plymouth Encore yarns and some various others to a very nice new knitter that I hope joins our local knitting group.  She’s such a newbie and so nice, I felt compelled to look for any gadgets and patterns that I no longer wanted and she ended up with a nice large bag of knitterly stuff.  And I felt great about it!  And, this cleared more room on my shelves to provide for better visualization of the stash–of most importance!  I also parted with, gulp, a large assortment of scrapbooking magazines.  This was very hard for me–I don’t know why.  I subscribed to so many and I never got to look through them and I never go back to those that I did, so I don’t know why I feel bad or why I kept them, but I would say about 100 magazines along with an old craft tote have also left the premises.  I feel good about it,  I really do, I actually have a path to my closet now.  I also organized stuff to bring to my MOMS club benefit garage sale and stowed some things away for my parent’s garage sale next year.  Watch out, hubby, your closet is next!!  HA ha ha!

On the creative front, I finally redid my mom’s double stranded Swarovski bracelet, one strand says MOM and the other says NANA, I replaced the claps with a heart-shaped toggle that we found in San Juan, of all places, and she can put it on and off better now.  I also added some “owl eyes”, double strand spacers, to stabilize the two strands better.  I am much pleased with the results.  I also made a gaggle of stitch markers for my KVVS pal–DD helped to pick out the colors for me–hope she likes purple a lot!  LOL   I even got to spend some time with my fellow knitters this past Tuesday at B&N–I brought with me the beaded scarf, frogged it and restarted it.  I know this is premature in saying this, but since I have been doing pretty well at WW and have lost close to 15 pounds now (!!!!!), I’m hesitant to continue on the first and only cardigan I have ever started to knit for myself.  I started it last year and have been plugging away at it whenever I can, I would say it’s about 6 or 8 inches high at this point, but it’s the entire circumference of the cardigan, remember, the Cabin Fever pattern is knit in one piece to the arm holes and then splits apart.  Would you stop and wait and see and later frog what you did and start over?  That would so bite to have to frog it all, but if it’s too big it would look silly.  I guess I should stick to knitting accessories for myself for now….

And since I eluded to it, today was weigh in day at WW and I lost another 2.4 pounds bringing the grand total to 14.8!!  Yippee!!  Several of my pants are already feeling too big and I have a belt for those I can try to make last longer.  I’m quite proud and hope this week will be another banner one–despite Labor Day picnics….I better get to the beach again–I think all that walking on the sand and carrying tons of stuff back and forth to get to the perfect beach spot really helped me this past week…and it doesn’t hurt my tan, either 😉

My package went out today to my KVVS pal, and my pal said my package went out yesterday.  Watch for pics soon….


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Knitpicks Options needles and my latest WIP

Well, I think I posted a few days ago that my options needles came in, but I didn’t have a chance to blog about it.  I wanted to give them a test run first, and the verdict is in–I LOVE THEM!!!  I am seriously considering selling ALL my addi’s that I have left (I have sold quite a few already through to fund the purchase of the options set, but I kept a few, just in case….).  I had wanted to start the scarf kit that my SP10 pal sent me, but decided to wait until I had my options set to do it.  Well, I put the needles together quickly and was impressed with the join and how well they stay together–as long as you use the key to help assemble them.  I am plugging along on the scarf and it is looking sooo pretty–thanks pal!  What I loved, was casting on with one size needle, then when I was ready to do the knitting, I just switched the needle tips and off I went.  Unfortunately, one of the plastic inserts for the case was damaged, so I haven’t been able to put everything away in the kit nice and neatly, but I expect they will be sending the replacement soon and I will take a picture of them all tucked away neatly in their case asap.

DD’s felted hedgehog is completed!  I will post pics later if possible.  He/she (not sure exactly what it is..) came out adorably–I love ’em and so does DD.  Although it does look like it has hair plugs–I guess that’s what happens when you use hot pink yarn and jet black eyelash, lol.  She helped me stuff the innards and watched me sew on some eyes and nose and per her request, it has a belly button (what can I say–toddlers are obsessed with those things, lol).  I can see that I might be trying out the other Fiber Trends felted animal patterns in the near future.  I already have the ones for the squirrels and penguins….now I just need the yarn.

Oh and in the scrapbooking realm, I made an 8X8 scrapbook about my dad and DD for his birthday.  I picked up a kit from colorbok the other day and was able to complete the whole album in an evening (that included printing out the pictures and picking them up at the store).  I was so happy with the results, I picked up the same kit to make one for my mom….so nice to have something completed so quickly and to look so nice….I might be addicted to these kits now.  And just to prove it, I bought a baby scrapbook kit from this blog site (she also has a podcast, and it’s fun to listen to–give it a try!) 

Well, that’s all for now.  Will take pics later–probably staying home as DD is congested, sneezing and has a runny nose (apparently, we didn’t get the exorcism fast enough over here!!).  Got to watch the last episode of Soprano’s before someone tells me what happened….

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Last SP9 Package (oops, did I leave that forever on my camera?)

A huge public apology to my SP9 spoiler  I took this picture of her last package a looonnnggg time ago, but I guess it never got downloaded from the camera.  So here it is, in all it’s glory.  A scrapbookers delight–who cares if it’s a knitting secret pal–knitty kitty knows to feed all my addictions, lol.  Thanks, buddy, I’m keeping a watch on you.  All my best!

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Toddler Trivia Question of the Day, SP9 and more

OK, here’s your question for the day:

In Micky Mouse Clubhouse, what color was Clarabelle’s dog?

Haven’t been able to knit lately as I am trying to get my Mary Kay business underway.  (I hope you guys check out the website, even if you are far away, I can ship products to you and you can get on my preferred mailing list.)  Got another SP9 package–which was totally unexpected!  This goodie bag was filled with scrapbooking stuff, which is my other passion.  Such wonderful items, and I can’t wait to use them.  Will post picture in very near future.  Thanks, buddy, you were such an awesome first buddy to have–completely spoiled me for the next one 😉

Until tomorrow….

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Life and stuff

It’s been so long since I have been able to blog (computer had a major meltdown and then DH wiped it clean 😦  Thank goodness he found a program to find all my files and precious pictures–I hadn’t backed up the Christmas ones yet).  DD has been talking up a storm, every day she comes up with something new to amaze me.  One of the things that cracks me up is when the Knitty Gritty show comes on and she hears those first few guitar licks, she calls out “knittin’ “, and the other day she went to my bag of knitting (currently has my Cabin Fever braids KAL in it) when she heard it, said knittin’ and then put her two pointer fingers together and rubbed them back and forth simulating me knitting with the needles.  I had to laugh, too funny, and I don’t even really knit that much around her, she just picked it up.  I let her have a huge pair of size 13 16” addi’s to play with when I am around her and she scoops up some of my yarn with them and pretends to knit.  She has also done some other amazing things, like counts up to 10 and has up to the letter G down in the alphabet.  Not bad for only 20 months, she can recognize about half the uppercase letters, too.  Hooray for Leap Frog products and Sesame Street, and oh, maybe reading book after book helped her out a little, too, lol.  She still remains a shy little clingy kid, but I know she will outgrow it and soon I will miss her hanging on to me every minute–I’m not taking it for granted for one minute!

Went to my MOMS club book club meeting last week.  We read The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.  It was pretty good, I don’t think I would have picked it on my own to read, which is why I am glad I am in a book club–they make me stretch myself a bit 😉  I am really excited about the next three books we picked to read–The Red Tent, The Kite Runner and Running with Scissors.  I’m skipping our next month’s book club as they are reading Julie and Julia by Julie Powell and it’s just not my cup of tea and I didn’t have time to start reading it before the next meeting.  I just finished The Lovely Bones by Anna Seebold and have started on Running with Scissors for our March meeting.  The Lovely Bones was good, but quite disturbing (at least to me) at the beginning.  I passed it along to my friend, so we’ll see what she thinks of it.

Speaking of my MOMS Club, I had a group over yesterday to learn how to knit.  10 moms and 9 kids in my little living/dining room!  Talk about chaotic, but ya know, the kids got along so well, and the moms actually learned how to cast on and knit (ok, I’m cheating here, 5 of the moms already knew how to knit, just needed pointers, etc, the other 5 were actual newbies).  I started them on something small, a hat worked back and forth, they will learn the decreases for the top for next week and hopefully sew it together before they leave.  It was super fun doing it, unfortunately 4 of the kids that were there (mine included) came down with a nasty cold.  So basically my house was  a big old petrie dish.  I guess I should be happy it’s DD’s first big cold of the year, I shouldn’t complain.  If we can just get to and from Disney on the plane in March without any major illness, I will be very happy!

The other weekend my parents came over to give me my Christmas present–shelving!  Hooray for shelving!  I have pictures to post here, but basically, if you have ever seen the HGTV show that takes all the clutter out of the room, makes the person sort through it and then rearranges the good stuff back in their room for them–our spare bedroom was the before picture.  And with Christmas and wrapping presents and decorating and sending cards, the room got even worse than it has been the past few months.  I sometimes try to organize the piles and stack things up, but then DD is in for two minutes while I try to check email and wham! everything is out of order again.  Sigh…. I hope to make this room more kid-friendly and even put her easel in here so she can play while I craft, too.  So here is the before picture:

This is all the stuff I need to fit into here, the nice organized freshly painted and shelved closet of hope:

Wish me luck!  Well, that’s all for now, let me try to get my pictures loaded up on my computer (baby steps, baby steps) and I will hopefully have lots of pictures up soon.  TTFN

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SP9 package received!!

Wow, am I a lucky girl or what?  This has been quite a week for packages!  A friend of mine gave me the Knitting Pattern calendar for my birthday (which was yesterday), I got my creative memories sidekick to attach to the side of my scrapbooking table from ebay AND, the piece de resistance (sorry, I forgot how to spell French, lol) was my SP9 package from my buddy.  It was chock full of goodies.  The theme was pink and purple.  It contained cashmere socks, a hank of Marl La from Classic Elite yarns in a gorgeous multi-pink, purple and yellow colorway, a hank of  Gjestal naturgarn in a lovely shade of purple, AND an adorable pink and purple cupcake hat for my DD complete with sequins to add on for “sprinkles”.  Let me tell you, my daughter has not stopped playing with the hat.  She puts it on herself, her bear, me and when she can get away with it, her father, lol.  Thanks buddy!  You sure made a big hit over here!!!  (The package actually came a few days ago, but I have been having technical difficulties over here, so I apologize for the delay.  It’s certainly not due to a lack of appreciation!  As you can see, I am still photoless, and will post a picture of my goodies when I can.)

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What a crazy mixed up world this is…

Hey blogging readers!  I can’t believe I have over 1,000 hits at this point.  I remember when I first started this, I thought I would never get any hits, lol.

I apologize for not blogging more often this past month or so.  It has been an extremely crazy 2 months over here.  My FIL passed away, my MIL was in ICU, and recently my BIL fell off a ladder and broke his heel and back.  Suffice it to say, 2006 has not been the greatest year for my family as a whole and I pray that next year will hold better things for us.  I do have to be grateful that I, my husband and daughter are all well. 

In the middle of all the chaos I was able to spend an afternoon at a Creative Memories Scrapbooking event with a friend of mine.  That was so nice to get away, I needed time apart from everyone and got to do something creative, which is always a stress-reliever for me.  I know I rarely blog about scrapbooking, but I am constantly keeping up with my pictures by uploading them to an online site for my family to look at, but I never have the time or space to do my actual scrapbooking.  I hope this winter to have my craft room up and running so that I can dedicate more time to it.  To me, recording family memories is just as important as making them. 

OTN:  my DD’s Christmas hat is nearly finished.  I have complete the actual hat and it requires two stars to be made and sewn together for the top.  I am almost done with the first star.  I haven’t really touched my braids cardigan KAL in weeks, but I am honestly shocked I have time to even knit the hat, so I’m not worried.  I get to go to my knitting group tonight, so I will bring them both to work on.  Maybe I can even finish the stars while DD sleeps, so I can concentrate on my cardigan tonight.  When I have a minute I will take pictures of the hat and I almost forgot to post my pictures for the stitch marker exchange I belong to, I will try to add that as well.  TTFN!

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